Sunderland vs Tranmere Rovers: hoping for that delayed new manager bounce

Jake: ‘no messing this time … please’

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In the Premier League, we moaned as Sunderland put in one rotten display after another. In the Championship, it was the same as, far from pushing for immediate promotion, we disintegrated as a side and almost as a club.

Last season, we whinged about all those draws. Yet we reached Wembley twice and nearly got back up again, gifted an own goal in the opening minutes of the playoff final only to devise a way of losing.

And this season, we find ourselves with a new manager rather earlier in the season than appeared in the script. And in 10th place after more rotten displays, most recently a 1-0 defeat at mighty Wycombe Wanderers.

Is there a way out of this? Can Phil Parkinson confound those underwhelmed by his appointment and do what he has done before: get his team out of this division? He has inherited a squad that appears full of weaknesses. We cannot keep a clean sheet and we cannot be trusted to score. He must work with what he has and hope for minor resources to be made available for strengthening in January.

You tell us how his home debut as our manager will go. Salut! Sunderland has had its own rocky moments in recent days, laid low by a rather idiotic issue over billing from the host manager. That has now been resolved. We apologise for the absence.

What will be the score against Tranmere Rovers on Tuesday night? It is not a competition but just for fun. Keeping the site alive is costing too much to leave room for prizes …

Ha’way the Lads.

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