A View From the Avenue: the Sunderland ‘shambles’ Parkinson must put right

Paul Summerside: ‘the worst football I’ve witnessed here in 51 years’ years’

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Monsieur Salut writes: we are repeatedly urged to resist the temptation to nurture unreasonable expectations, an inflated sense of self-importance and Mag-like delusions of grandeur. But you do not need to be a social media keyboard warrior, letting rip after 21 pints of lager, to worry about the state of Sunderland AFC. Phil Parkinson cannot fairly be judged on one sub-standard team performance after only two or three days in charge of a team that had been producing something similar all season (except in the slightly unreal world of the League Cup). He may, for all we know, prove just the man to get the best out of the well-paid but seriously under-achieving players he inherits.

If supporters’ confidence is not to be battered further, the process should ideally start with a convincing win against Tranmere Rovers tomorrow night. It will take one to restore a little of Paul Summerside‘s faith in the club he has followed for half a century.

Some of his thoughts describe a long-term malaise that cannot be blamed on the present ownership and management structure. His criticisms will seem unduly harsh to some of those at whom they are levelled; it is undoubtedly true that plenty of time remains this season for a meaningful revival to transform both our position and fans’ morale. The pages of Salut! Sunderland are open for those wishing to respond …

It will be a surprise to some, and possibly a relief, that this is my first post the season. It has been brought on by the alarming situation our club finds itself in.

Crowds of 30,000, away sell outs, takeover talks etc seem to paint a favourable picture, and indeed they do. But on the pitch we are possibly at the lowest ebb in the club’s history.

To find out how to correct our horrendous recent dip, you have to identify the causes.

Poor coaching and tactics would seem to be the general consensus, hence the sacking of Jack Ross.

But was this the complete picture? How much has the lack of ability of our squad this season contributed to our demise? Considerably in my opinion.

The mistakes of the last six seasons are STILL being made behind the scenes regarding recruitment.

We continue to buy four or five players in hope, rather than the one who will make all the difference.

This year it was Marcus Maddison, comfortably the League One player of last season, who wanted a move that was shelved as a transfer budget costcutting exercise. Instead we got Dobson, Willis, Burge, McLaughlin, De Bock Lynch and McNulty, all unworthy to polish Maddison’s boots.

Anyone remember when Yan M’Vila wasn’t signed?

Nothing has changed at SAFC in six years. We were relegated from the Premier League with a bunch of bang average, highly paid non-triers, same thing happened in the Championship and now we are stuck in League One limbo plodding on with the same mindset. Average players on good money not putting a shift in.

I can name you three people in our current 11 first who might get into another League One squad: Willis, O’Nien and a fit McGeady. (Suggestions welcome)

The scouting and recruitment are diabolical and any future takeover must rebuild the management behind the scences from scratch, bringing in top scouts and identifying and recruiting the best. Until this is addressed nothing will change at SAFC.

And so we sack another manager who has been asked to build a wall with bricks and no mortar.

Phil Parkinson has been recruited to get a hold of this squad and get us promoted. Apparently, as we’re not a Premier or Championship side any more, Keano, Big Sam and co weren’t interested. Underwhelming for a lot of people, but a positive one for those who realise we are a midtable league one side that needs improving.

He will do well to challenge for promotion and achieve a play off place, and if he does pull off the required miracle, he should be given the freedom of Wearside!

Jake: ‘if not of sensitive disposition, click the banner to read Bob Chapman’s mournful report from Wycombe”

In my 51 years attending Sunderland games, this is comfortably the worst standard of football I have witnessed. With the ball… clueless neck balls to a lone forward, tippy-tappy flank play with no end product, 60-yard diagonals generally out of play, very few shots, no attacking intent or cutting edge whatsoever.

Defensively we can’t win a header (no Ozturk) or a second ball, we can’t shield our back four, and we don’t double up at full back.

It’s a shambles.

PP has a massive job on his hands, and I wish him every success, for his success is SAFC’s success. His first task is to instil confidence in the squad, get a settled 11 out, and win games.

Whoever is running the club pre and post takeover, need(s) to clear out the current scouting and recruitment team, and then support Phil Parkinson fully in January.

Without quality additions a third year in League One beckons.

And as for ourselves, all we really can do is support. It’s what’s we do….

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