Meet Adam, the Middlesbrough-supporting grandson of a NUFC fan making his mark at Sunderland

Adam in the North East’s finest colours

We must all be so excited, says Monsieur Salut. The break from football caused by one of this season’s Sunderland failures – an embarrassing and historic early exit from the FA Cup – is behind us. Sunderland are back in action and where else but at the scene of that recent crime, Gillingham.

Will our defenders suddenly show they can defend, midfielders create and strikers score? Will the Lads produce football of a quality and style to warm the cockles of the heart? Answers on a postcard to Phil Parkinson.

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Jake: ‘Pity the poor souls who traipse down there for this. Unless it’s a cracking away win….’

And on to a happier topic.

My old friend and colleague Alan Sims is from Ouston and is a lifelong Mag. Work took him to Teesside and his grandson Adam is a Boro fan. But when it came to seeing whether and where Adam’s footballing skills could be developed, the answers were obvious: yes they could – at the Academy of Light.

Alan tells me:

‘It’s a great set up and very supportive.

He’s 11 now but from six years old, he was picked up by Newcastle and Boro. Despite being a Boro fan he’s opted for Sunderland because of the set up. Loves it there.

And when I’ve watched him play Newcastle academy, there’s been no dilemma. I choose the kids over the multi-millionaire pros every time. Though it still seems strange supporting Sunderland kids and Newcastle big’uns.”

I cheekily asked whether Adam might be available for selection at Gillingham? “He’s super fast,” came the reply. “Plays wide or up front. Let’s give him a go”.’

Over to Parky …

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