Football Blogging Awards: vote for Salut! Sunderland if you think we deserve it

Vote for Salut! Sunderland - if you think we're worth it
Vote for Salut! Sunderland – if you think we’re worth it

VOTE for Salut! Sunderland at this link:

At the last count 2,917,743 people had visited Salut! Sunderland since it was launched at the start of 2007.

Correction: we’ve had that many hits, which does not of course mean individual visitors. Unless everyone who ever came here stomped off after the first look and kept a promise never to return, the 2.9m must be divided quite a lot to arrive at the true number.

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Football Blogging Awards: even Dylan and Darwin couldn’t save us

Charles Darwin

STOP PRESS: Monsieur Salut writes: I could have sworn the Football Blogging Awards website had November 7 as the closing date for votes. I looked again today, wondering whether to make one final plea for support, and found that the preliminary stage is now over and shortlists have been announced. We are not to be found. but thanks hugely to all who voted for Salut! Sunderland in any of the categories and may the best of the remaining blogs and bloggers prove triumphant. I’ll leave the original post intact below so that you have an idea of the categories and a link to enable you to cast votes in the playoffs if you wish …

Jaake swears Dylan and Darwin voted for us, but not often enough
Jake swears Dylan and Darwin voted for us, but not often enough

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Football Blogging Awards: make your Yes vote count for Salut! Sunderland

Jake invites support
Jake invites support

It is time to vote in the annual Football Blogging Awards. There are some big guns in the field and Salut! Sunderland is under no illusions about its chances of picking up an award. We are not sure this is how it works in the Oscars but invite you, all the same, to consider voting for us. You can go directly to the voting form at, or read on first to learn a little about one site courting your support. Salut! Sunderland qualifies for votes in four (not three as I thought) of the 11 sections: Established, Forum, Club and Young Blogger …

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