A Long and Winding Road leads to Luton Town and a hard fought draw

John McCormick writes: I woke up this morning feeling fine and decided that, as Pete Sixsmith had introduced a musical theme with Roy Harper, I should continue it.  I hope the title and  my opening make him and our other Pete (the Wrinkly one) happy together, not to mention our readers. Which begs two questions*, 

“Is happiness sweeping this club of ours, or is it too soon to know?”

We do know things can only get better and it looks like it’s getting better all the time, although there will be those who say it’s early days and there’s nothing to get hung about.

Pete Sixsmith’s report, which I think can be summarised as Good Day, Sunshine, says more or less the same, only he does it better, which is no surprise as nobody does it better. 

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The First Time Ever I Saw Your Ground: Luton Town and Kenilworth Road

The hot spell appears to be coming to its end in the North-West. It’s cloudy, the temperature has dropped and there’s rain forecast for the weekend.  Nevertheless, we’ll persist with Pete Sixsmith’s summer photo for now, especially as a lot of dark clouds moved away from the Stadium of light on Saturday.

We’re not the only place to have experienced a shift; dark clouds have also moved away from a certain town in the County of Bedfordshire. If you think we have had problems you should spend some time talking to Luton fans, something I’m sure Pete will have done on his previous visits:

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Sunderland’s 10 relegations. Number 6: last game heartache again

Pete Sixsmith

John McCormick writes: we have a manager and the transfer window’s open. A new chapter in the SAFC story is about to begin. But we also have history, some good, some not so and we would do well to remember it. So here, with the hope that the players running up alps in Austria will find it when they when they plug themselves into their alternative worlds, is some of that history, courtesy of Pete Sixsmith.

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