The First Time Ever I Saw Your Team: Oxford United

The man himself

John McCormick writes: I definitely haven’t seen Oxford at the Stadium of Light and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them at Roker, I certainly have no memory of them playing us there. It wasn’t until 1973 that I got to see them and that was at the Manor Ground.  Our cup-winning team played, Dennis Tueart scored the only goal after 3 minutes and we held out for the remaining 87 to gain our second win of the season and finish the month unbeaten.

You can see what a good goal it was at the bottom of the page but don’t miss Pete Sixsmith to get to itWe had played Oxford in the previous three seasons but I was away, which is why I think I  missed them. Pete was a lot nearer and went.

Not that that was the first time he’d seen them. Over to the master:

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The Oxford United Who are You?: in praise of Stewart Donald

Simon Bradbury: looking forward to his Stadium of Light outing

This is the match Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven may have been both relishing and dreading. Both Oxford fans, and passionate ones at that, but now part of the latest Mackem revolution. Their private thoughts on Saturday afternoon would be fascinating. Simon Bradbury, a former vice-chairman of the Oxford United OxVox group, knows Stewart well. Who better to answer the ‘Who are you?’ questions? …

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Sunderland vs Oxford prize Guess the Score; who will win the ‘Donald derby’?

Pete Sixsmith is back home after his southern travels, taking in assorted games and lots of culture between Gillingham and south-west London. He’ll be at the match on Saturday and you’ll be able to read his instant post-game verdict as soon as the whistle blows. After that you can revisit the site on Sunday for his match report.

But what will Pete be reporting on after what one SAFC wag has called the “Donald derby” in honour of our owner’s lifelong support for Oxford United? A win? A loss? (surely not). Or a draw? If you think you know here’s a chance to put that knowledge to good use, and if you don’t know here’s a chance to make an informed guess.

Or you could just speculate like the rest of us, even if it does make you blind like they told us at school.

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Burton, Scunthorpe or Peterborough – who’ll join Sunderland, Barnsley, Charlton and Portsmouth?

UPDATE: we saw the poll had grown, improbably, to 11,000+ votes with Coventry way out in front on 26 per cent. Couldn’t blame Jimmy Hill this time but something was clearly up.  For the culprits, go to the Coventry site Sky Blues Talk    … but don’t get too cross as our lot would gladly have done the same to them. The poll, unsurprisingly, is suspended …

After Colin reposted our “who’s going up?” poll (on the left, below) in one of the Question and Answer sessions  with our owners there  was brief flurry of voting, as you might have expected given the number of visitors we had. And then things slowed down until, by the weekend, things were at a trickle, although votes were and are still coming in. Again, this was to be expected as the eyes of the football world were on Russia, where eight or nine ex-Sunderland players were taking part in the World’s most prestigious competition outside the Third Division. We now have over 800 votes cast, which is enough to be going on with, although Colin in his gut feeling poll, had almost as many when only one vote was allowed per person.

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Barnsley drop, Burton and Posh replace Luton and Scunthorpe, Walsall get off the bottom in our promotion poll.

When I first put this poll up, a mere week ago, I wrote

“this is predominantly a Sunderland site and we aren’t claiming results are totally unbiased… …Nevertheless, I think it’s fair to say that SAFC  fans have not been blindly optimistic.”

After only a week I would not able to add a lot to this statement, were it not for two things. The first is that the poll was tagged to promote it to all League One fans for over 24 hours before it was promoted on our facebook page and then on Colin’s subsequent posts on this site. This gave us a small (very small, as it happens) hint of what the whole of the League One fanbase might think. The second was that Colin’s own poll closed, with some findings we can bring to bear on this one.

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The bookies say Sunderland, Barnsley, Charlton, Portsmouth, Luton and Scunthorpe. What about you?

And so we have it: the fixtures are out. You’ll be getting your fill of dates, and conjecture from all over, no doubt, and enjoying the pre-season buzz of anticipation that it brings.

But when you’re tucked up under the sheets, reading Charles Buchan’s “Football Monthly” with a torch and reality bites, do you think you’ll win League One?

Or even get promoted?

If you do, please let us know. If you don’t, let us know who you think will make the grade.

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