Sepp Blatter’s latest cover-up: win it in our competition

OK, the cover in question conceals only the chest, and our Sepp is unlikely to be seen sporting one himself.

But here all the same is the latest offering from our friends at Philosophy Football, fitting recognition of the valiant strides made by Fifa’s finest to stamp out racism in football.

Blatter, for whom racist taunts might adequately be dealt with by means of a gentlemanly post-match handshake, deserves all he gets. Salut! Sunderland readers probably deserve to possess the T-shirt and can do so by buying direct from the Philosophy Football shop at this link. The price is £14.99; sizes from small to XXL.

One reader can get his or her hands on one we’re offering free, which will be sent to whoever, in M Salut’s opinion, posts the funniest or most incisive comment. Contributions should be on any matter Blatter.

This is Philosophy Football’s own description:


From vote-rigging to covering-up corruption, via advocating tight-fitting kits for women footballers, selling the game short to sponsors and now fighting racism with a handshake. (All ‘allegedly’ of course, for the sake of our lawyers). It’s surely time for Blatter to go. Philosophy Football’s design is a shameless pastiche of the brilliant Kick it Out Campaign’s logo.

Monsieur Salut

Women, the offside rule and an Aston Villa winner

After the Darren Bent saga, it breaks our hearts to be kind to Aston Villa. But at heart, they’re a decent club with proper fans so Salut! Sunderland rises above petty differences – who is Darren Bent anyway? Lousy first touchy, shockingly wasteful with too many of the chances he gets – to make a special award to a Villa fan …

Regular readers will know that Salut! Sunderland likes Philosophy Football.

They’re hopeless at replying to e-mails but did once put up one of their splendid T-shirts as a prize in our Who are You? awards.

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