The First Time Ever I Saw Your Ground: Burton Albion and the Pirelli Stadium

John McCormick writes: I wondered how Pete Sixsmith would approach this one, given that it’s less than a year since we were at Burton. Not much could have changed in under a year, surely.

Well, maybe, maybe not. We have new owners, a new manager and a host of new players while Burton just have a host of new players, so some things are different.

However, the pubs and the beer are still good and Pete’s writing is as fine as ever:

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The first time ever I saw your ground: Burton Albion and the Pirelli Stadium

Sleek Sixer …

John McCormick writes Burton is one of those places you’re not likely to visit by accident if you live in Liverpool. It’s in between everywhere – to the east and north of the M6 and A5, to the south of the road between Stoke, Derby and Nottingham. It is, just about, on the way from here to Leicester but that’s no good if you’re a Sunderland fan travelling down the M1, which tells you how long it is since I’ve been to Filbert Street.

All this is a great pity, as I’ve always wanted to call in and have a pint at the spiritual home of brewing and I’ve never managed it. Pete Sixsmith has of course, and here he is to tell you all about it.

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