Hutch’s Patch. Arise Sir Victor: Bournemouth reveals a new colossus

Rob Hutchison: life suddenly feels better
Rob Hutchison: life suddenly feels better

Monsieur Salut writes: it was a pleasure seeing Rob Hutchison, purveyor of one-word wisdom, in the away-friendly Sir Percy Florence Wetherspoons – and his charming daughter Olivia – before the game. Olivia, 18, has seen every away game so far so deserved the victory we secured. She sent dad’s one-word ratings as he shouted out his verdicts while driving home. ‘Well that was emotional,’ he told her to add, ‘about time we got a break’. Like everyone in the away end, Rob was taken with the mighty performance of Victor Anichebe …

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Hutch’s one-word ratings from Southampton. No one starred in ‘sterile’ display

Jake: 'at least it wasn't 8-0, Rob'
Jake: ‘at least it wasn’t 8-0, Rob’
No fewer than 1,228 of the 21,460 crowd on a Wednesday night at St Mary’s were in the away end and you can bet a few more Sunderland supporters were dotted around other parts of the ground. And for what?  Rob Hutchison was among them and can tell you it wasn’t much: ‘Sterile, tame performance. Did any of the players want it? Sideways, misplaced passing all night long.’ Quite simply Sunderland, bottom the league without a win or – it increasingly seems – a hope, do not deserve this extraordinary support. Here are Rob’s one-word ratings …
Pickford 6 quiet
Jones 6 jones!
Kone 6 tidy
Papy 6 better
Pva 6 energetic
Ndong 5 wasteful
Khazri 6 tried
Watmore 6 grafted
Rodwell 5 irritating
McNair 5 quiet
Anichebe 6 huffed


Defo 6 unfortunate
Gooch 5 Brief

The boss

Moyes 4 turgid

Hutch’s one word player ratings following West Ham slip up

Rob Hutchison thought this display was much better than last week’s dismal showing at Stoke but the net result is the same – nul points. After an hour of decent play, a few seconds of switch off in the 94th minute let the Hammers drive another nail in the Sunderland coffin. As Rob says ‘same old, same old’ …

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‘No wonder West Ham fans are unhappy with their new home’

Rob Hutchison: not a great day
Rob Hutchison: not a great day

While the missus watched X Factor – and why not? – Rob Hutchison sat down, tried to forget the disappointment of Sunderland’s last-gasp defeat at West Ham and put into writing his thoughts on a first footballing visit to the London Stadium…

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Devil’s Advocate: stand by our man Moyes despite the Stoke nightmare

Rob as seen by Jake
Rob as seen by Jake

Monsieur Salut writes: Genius in adversity or just Pete Sixsmith in tip-top form yet again? Read his terrific report from the Stoke City game and make up your own mind. And here’s another excellent piece, this time from Rob Hutchison, who argues passionately against yet more upheaval …

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Hutch’s one-word verdict after Stoke shambles: ‘wretched’

Rob Hutchison:  one his way home
Rob Hutchison:not a happy man

He uses words sparingly, does our Rob Hutchison. After today’s woeful display against – let’s face it – a not-very-good side, he said: ‘Well that was wretched. Gone backwards since Sam departed. Should we play the long game?’ …

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The Devil’s Advocate on PvA and mixed fortunes at Spurs and QPR

Malcolm Dawson writes……man of few words Rob Hutchison (he of the one word player ratings) is becoming more garrulous these days with his regular take on events happening in and around the club that is Sunderland AFC. Here he reflects on the events of the past few days, although he’d hit the save key on his laptop before the speculation surrounding Emmanuel Adebayor’s preference for Irish whiskey rather than Scotch in his coffee – a claim he denies, entered the public domain. Whether or not he has enjoyed the odd fag or hookah pipe I can’t say. David Moyes’s latest press conference is taking place as this is hitting the ether and so far there has been no comment on PvA’s alleged tobacco fuelled indulgences. But still Rob finds sufficient goings on to air these thoughts ahead of the visit of Pardew and Palace.

Rob as seen by Jake
Rob as seen by Jake

Another Week in the life of SAFC and the view from the leftfield.

Well I guess we could say it’s been a bit of a mixed week this one. A pitiful loss at Spurs, a hard earned win at QPR, and Pat the Dutchie (of the left hand side) is in the headlines.

Two games, two perspectives.  We lost very badly to a top four side by a meagre goal. And do you know what? I’m not bothered. Moyes has set his stall out against Everton so we knew it would be more of the same against any top four contenders and whether it be 1-0 or 9-0 the percentages on the day didn’t lie and we lost. By the time the team has settled we’ll do enough to nick results against similar teams before the season’s out. We’ve done it over the last few seasons and we’ll do it again. Remember where you read it first hombres.

Joel Osoro got another chance to lead the line at Loftus Road
Joel Osoro got another chance to lead the line at Loftus Road

But moving onto QPR and we see our David does actually have a constructive gameplan after all. Apart from being youth, youth, youth, which is glaringly obvious and probably long overdue, Moyes now knows that if we get the ball and can keep the ball, then yes actually we can play a bit of football against sides that will work all day and try and close you down. We are still a team of individuals with shining lights in Pickford, Defoe and Kone, but when players like Ndong start gelling then you actually have the semblance of a spine that is pretty decent and certainly no weaker than last season. He was superb midweek, looking for space, having movement, the ability to pick a pass and go either way when running at defenders. And the best bit, he didn’t kick anyone up in the air either! Player of the season material for sure if he can show the consistency week in week out that we usually lack.

Sick as a parrot or a smoking gun?
Sick as a parrot or a smoking gun?

I learned far more about our XI at QPR than I did at Spurs, and with two games coming up, where in theory we can compete well across the park, we’ll know a lot more about how our season will pan out in ten days’ time. I’d target 4 points from those two games and if we can achieve that, then we’ll be just fine.

A bizarre moment with PVA at Spurs, getting pulled just before KO. The club’s statements have been very limp on this incident and others, full of inconsistencies. It seems like the ghost of Mags Byrne is still hanging around the club. Martin Bain is currently unable to consign it to the past with weak communication on various levels, whether it be over PVA or being unable to get a striker over the line during the transfer window – which was pretty feeble. He’s left Moyes badly short.

I’m calling the next two games a 1-1 draw against Palace and a shabby 1-0 win over the Baggies. See you all at Southampton hopefully.

Rob Hutchison

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Hutch’s one-word ratings: Ndong stands out in win at QPR

Rob: the road to another final?
Rob: the road to another final?

Rob Hutchison enjoys a winning Sunderland game and a hugely encouraging star role for Didier (or Ibrahim – take your pick) Ndong. ‘Songs I never thought I’d hear,’ says Rob. ‘Paddy McNair, he scores when he wants.’ Up and running. Made to work for it mind. Moyes does have a plan after all…

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Hutch’s Patch. Ratings from Spurs don’t add up to much

Rob Hutchison: on his way home
Rob Hutchison

Rob Hutchison enclosed a short comment on today’s game:

“Hellish effort. Like watching MoN stuff towards his end. Possession stats of our PL games this season leave the alarm bells clanging madly.  Spurs(a) 26%, Eve(h) 33%, Sot(a) 36%, Boro(h) 47%, Mcfc(a) 23%.”

And followed this with poor marks for most in his one-word ratings

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