Sunderland vs Manchester City: prize Guess the Score. It’s their cup final

Campo Retro's prize
Campo Retro’s prize

Cup final week, even if technically not, so let’s go early with Guess the Score – and let’s also have a bumper entry …

A Caribbean cruise? No. Tickets for the World Cup Final in Brazil? Not quite.

That’s the bad news. The good is that the League Cup final Guess the Score is not just any old win-a-mug competition, and nor is it one of those prize-free duds.

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Sunderland v Morecambe ‘Who are You?’ sees Shrimp grilled, apathetic public roasted

Jake wants to know ...

Let us see whether the Stadium of Light is up to staging a game of football in August after all. Tomorrow night, after the humiliation of Saturday’s postponement, Sunderland are due to take on Morecambe in the Capital One Cup (league cup to you and me). We’ll take the risk of running another “Who are You?” with due apologies to our Reading volunteer, Roger Titford, for having wasted his time last week.

If the phrase “long-suffering fan” did not exist, it would need to be invented for Mick Dennison*. He berates fellow Morecambe residents for their lack of interest in the Shrimps, as the town’s football club is known, bemoans the impact on trade at his “traditional pub B&B”, the York Hotel of the club’s move away from the Christie Park and is not even sure he wanted the football season to start post-Olympics. Yet he’s clearly a devoted supporter, organises away travel and will be at tomorrow’s game …

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