Sunderland vs Manchester City: prize Guess the Score. It’s their cup final

Campo Retro's prize
Campo Retro’s prize

Cup final week, even if technically not, so let’s go early with Guess the Score – and let’s also have a bumper entry …

A Caribbean cruise? No. Tickets for the World Cup Final in Brazil? Not quite.

That’s the bad news. The good is that the League Cup final Guess the Score is not just any old win-a-mug competition, and nor is it one of those prize-free duds.

Our friends at Campo Retro have agreed to stump up for another of their retro Sunderland tops, this one designed specifically to commemorate Sunday’s great day in the history of our club.

And since City supporters may well also see this item, I can reassure them that entering a winning prediction would not leave them wondering what to do with a Sunderland top. Such a winner would receive a City equivalent (they’ll be gagging for it, this being their cup final now the famous quadruple is looking unlikely) …


Usual rules apply. The first reader to post the correct scoreline – by which I mean the score at the end of the normal 90 minutes plus any extra time but NOT a penalty shootout – is the winner. All entries must be received before kickoff at Wembley to be eligible and Monsieur Salut’s decision shall be final.

And if you really cannot wait, or would quite like to have more than the one top you may win, here’s some news from Campo Retro:

We have a FREE DELIVERY promotion running at the moment until midnight Wednesday, simply use code SAFCFD at the checkout to get your classic retro kit in time for Wembley from

Ha’way the Lads …

Finally, here’s an extract from our cup final “Who are You?” which should appear in full tomorrow or Thursday:

Jake demands answers
Jake demands answers

Salut! Sunderland: That’s it for the quadruple then? All but out of the CL, underdogs in the league cup, Premier title in doubt. Would the FA cup suffice?

Simon Curtis, Man City supporter and ESPN columnist:

Haha, that Wembley Here I Come confidence! The cheek of it. I’ll grant you the Champions League looks a goner, although I and 4,500 others will be there to make sure nothing stupid happens at the Nou Camp. As for the rest, I don’t see why City cannot compete in all three. One game and a 50:50 chance of winning the League Cup; a home draw v Wigan in the FA Cup to take us to a Wembley semi final and very handily placed in the league. Would the FA Cup suffice? Naturally. It’s not so long ago that putting this question to a City fan would have had you carted off to the nearest shrink, so of course it would.

Jake: ' any chance of tickets for March 2 and May 17?'
Jake: ‘ any chance of tickets for March 2 and May 17?’

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M Salut by Matt
M Salut by Matt

32 thoughts on “Sunderland vs Manchester City: prize Guess the Score. It’s <em>their</em> cup final”

  1. 1-1 at 90 minute, 2-2 aet and a 1-0 win on penalties with Altidore bagging the only successful kick.
    Donations to MIND because if anyone believes that, they must be out of theirs.

  2. Why has no-one taken the obvious? 0-0. Mannone saves 5th penalty in shootout and we’re on our way to Outer Mongolia in June for Europa League qualifier. God forbid.

    • Any winnings due to be donated to SAFC Keroche run by former London Branch stalwart and drinking partner Gary Lamb.

  3. 1-0 to you lot and you can give my winning shirt to charity otherwise I’d only use it to wash my car with and dry my dogs dirty paws 🙂

  4. We can’t keep a clean sheet and we’re rubbish at the start so 1-0 down. But we do fight back and have a lot of people who pop up with goals. CSB’s taken 2-1 so I’ll go for a 3-2 win.

    Nominated charity, should I win, is McMillan Nurses cancer support

  5. Sunderland 2-0 Manchester City, we score early, hold out for ages and then snatch another on the counter at the end.

  6. I should have said. Anyone connected with Salut! Sunderland is encouraged, even instructed, to enter – but also to promise to donate the prize, if won, to charity or some non-profit-making SAFC-related organisation (eg a branch of the SAFCSA)

    So I’ll go for that familar Wembley scoreline of 4-4 after extra time and pray Michael Gray doesn’t arrive from talkSPORT to take our last penalty. If I’m right, my winning top will go to the SAFCSA London and SE branch

  7. Man City 1 – 2 SAFC, this is a heart not head prediction as we will really be bloody up against it…..which Sunderland will turn up!

    Its the old adage ‘ its the hope I can’t stand’

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