You have to be 34 and a bit to remember this

34-and-a-bit indeed, and even then only if you were an exceptionally precocious sprog.

But let’s put the Michael Chopra saga to one side, just for now.

If he comes – and so many sources report that he is coming, for £5m, that only a medical problem or disagreement over wages seems likely to stand in the way – I will rise above tribal issues and support Roy Keane’s judgment. Simple as that.

Lee Clark left under a cloud but did a totally professional job for Peter Reid, and therefore us, until promotion set up a conflict of loyalty in which there could be only one winner. Let’s see how Chopra, if he signs, performs – while realising, as he will, how the fans would respond if he proved to be out of of his depth. Rather, I think, as they will now respond to a certain away defender when Fulham come to the SoL, and a certain attacker at SAFC vs Portsmouth.

And just for a bit of fun, look at my pictures here and on the continuation page – click on image to enlarge – or, for one of them, open this picture and tell me what they depict.

It’s not hard, given the clue in my headline, but if anyone comes up with especially strong detail or a particularly impressive reply – with the obvious exception of the fan who supplied the photographs – I will award a small prize. My decision final blah, blah……

And the shame of it. I asked in the first version how to convert a BMP image to jpg, without spending a lot of money, and had to be dug out of my hole by a Man City fan. His reward will definitely be in heaven, and even then only if he donates six points to us next season.

7 thoughts on “You have to be 34 and a bit to remember this”

  1. Tom Ritchie! Now there’s a name I know. He did OK for Bristol City (especially in the season we got promoted to Division 1). Although he never really shone in the big league, he was always a favourite with the crowd.. I seem to recall that he also scored quite a few goals when he retuned to Bristol after his spell up north.

  2. Ah reckon its Roy Keane and the new signings for the Lads at a team bonding exercise with the cast of Life on Mars. That gadgee at the front what looks a bit like Randall wi the scarf and hat on is obviously oor new strika – the look of fear on his face as he realises that he has to folla in the footsteps of Andy Gray, Wayne Entwistle and Tom Ritchie telt us that. Nice to see Keano shaved and wearing a rosette and with his shirt unbuttoned and nice to see that Stephen Elliott has got dresed up as Heidi oot of the kids book. Where’s the Trinidad lads? Mebbez if they are recreating 1973 they have to stand ootside ‘cos of the predominant racial attitudes of the time. Bernard Manning was popular then ye knaa – and he was alive.

  3. Nothing to do with the picture, but I see you bought a new striker yesterday. Hmmm, I guess we’ll have to wait and see how good a move that was.

  4. It’s obviously after the 73 Cup Final and I suspect it was taken in Harrow Club. I recognise Kenny Snowdon in the foreground with his trademark open neck shirt and I suspect that Colin is also lurking in the front row with a very serious look on his face. What was Albert Tatlock doing there that night and why is he holding a Sunderland scarf? I was looking for Billy Reilly – I think he was still alive then. My favourite memory of the aftermath of Wembley was my mate Dick ordering a pint of elementary in a pub called the Sherlock Holmes. Tha barmans reply is unprintable on a family website.

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