Martin O’Neill is no mug, but his mug’s on ours

Click this text: just £9.50, post free, at the Salut! Sunderland Shop
Buy the Martin O'Neill "Team of all talents" mug

As we indicated
the other day Salut! Sunderland is fast approaching 1.5m “hits” since the site’s creation at the beginning of 2007. Boosted by a lot of traffic from the West Midlands and South Wales, after a little fun we had at the expense of Birmingham and Cardiff, we even made it into the top 10 of the Soccerlinks hitlist, just behind a Real Madrid site

Oddly enough, we are still there two or three days later, which is not a bad achievement, even if some of the big Arsenal, Liverpool and Barca and Spurs sites may be clicking at our heels.

We are thinking of ways of marking this unexpected achievement. One idea is a competition based on a range of new banner designs which we may try out on successive days in the near future.

Other ideas will come to us. Or not.

In the meantime, have a look at the new mug design above. The image is based on our own Jake’s adaptation of a caricature of Martin O’Neill by a Flickr friend of this site’s, Kartun Malaysia.

The slogan above the red and white stripes reads:

Martin O’Neill’s Team of all Talents*

* work in progress

My own had been ordered and has just arrived so here is a better photo of it. Visit the SHOP by clicking anywhere in this sentence.

It’s the same price at the original mug – pipe down the man who said Monsieur Salut is surely the original mug – which means £9.50, post-free in the UK, with discounts for those buying more than one. It does cost more for overseas orders because the suppliers charge for postage, but one again discounts apply.

Have a browse around the shop. Buy if you see anything that takes your fancy and be aware that your purchase will help this site aim towards 2m and beyond. It is fair to assume no Birmingham or Cardiff fans will be buying anything.

Monsieur Salut

6 thoughts on “Martin O’Neill is no mug, but his mug’s on ours”

  1. Just winding you up, Tony. Must admit the new mug is rather smart (though the first wasn’t bad and I hope you’ll enjoy using it).

  2. When are you opening your market stall: “I must be out of my tiny mind letting you take advantage of me like this…. where else will you find a mug at this price…. buy them now, they won’t be here tomorrow…. nor shall I; I shall be off elsewhere peddling cut-price surgical hosiery and elastic for ladies’ unmentionables…. that is, if they fall off the back of the lorry on schedule…. Now, how much do you this T-shirt would go for in the shops? I’m all but giving them away today…

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