Everton or Sunderland for the FA Cup semis? Your shout, your chance of glory

Jake looks forward to Saturday

Right, matchday approaches, David Moyes has raised the bar on what is at stake by fielding a weakened and duly thrashed team at Anfield and now two grand old clubs prepare to slug it out to keep Wembley dreams (for the final, that is, not just the semis) alive. Your task is simple: guess the correct score. Be the first to get it right, in the comments below or at the Salut! Sunderland Facebook group. Entries will be taken up to kickoff and the winner will be chosen by Monsieur Salut.

The glory is in the winning. The prize will, as usual and until such time as we attract heavy sponsorship, be nominal. I will offer a choice of the Salut! Sunderland “Team of All Talents” mug …

or a book left over from the last competition …

And if an Evertonian happens to win, I will offer to modify the mug design accordingly.

There are plenty of options, prob ably 25 or 30 before you start reaching improbable scorelines like 6-5 or 1-9. A draw is a draw, whatever might then happen in the replay.

M Salut is torn between head and heart as he weighs the compelling form of the team under Martin O’Neill and the reality of a poor recent record at Goodison. If I were entitled to enter, which naturally I am not, I’d let the heart triumph and say 2-1 to Sunderland. But what do you think?

And if case you have missed it, this is the build-up so far:

Sixer by Jake (the Soapbox is hidden)
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Monsieur Salut

25 thoughts on “Everton or Sunderland for the FA Cup semis? Your shout, your chance of glory”

  1. Tony’s embarrassment at winning so often – scroll back and you’ll see his 1-1 prediction – leaves me with an interesting choice: where to send the mug. Any (clean) ideas ?

  2. In response to Martin’s (W) comments above. I am in complete agreement, although by the time Mrs Doubt was fired I had no respect left for him whatsoever.

    His constant reference to being a Geordie is something that he is increasingly dependent on as an excuse, and which grossly outweighs any comments from our supporters about his roots. I very much doubt if his wailing and gnashing of teeth is winning him fans anywhere else.

    Clearly he failed to sign any strikers permanently because of his roots. What did his prospective targets say to him? “I’m not signing for you Steve, because you are a Mag.”

    The fact that he could barely put a team out to perforrm respectably between February and December because due to being born in Corbridge.

    It also explains his inaability to get the best out of two of the stars from the last World Cup and which caused Da Silva to shrink (re his reference to PDS being too small), and also why he couldn’t hang on to Bent or Gyan.

    Every Geordie manager we have had in my lifetime has turned out to be a sack of the proverbial of course (McMenemy and now Bruce), with the notable exception of the one who earned a statue in the car park at the SOL. A Geordie who had far stronger connenctions to the Mags.

    Grow up and shut up Bruce. You have nobody to blame but yourself, although I very much doubt whether that acknowledgement will come around any time soon.

    Good luck at Brechin City or Swindon Town or whatever footballing backwater your “talents” deserve. I didn’t like you much Steve but that was nothing to do with your origins. It was down to the simple fact that you were bloody useless. Your carping and backstabbing just continues to make you even worse.

  3. Have to work tomorrow but will have a TV positioned in front of my desk. I can see the Wembley Arch from the top deck of the bus on my way to work and also from my desk. Will keep glancing up at it and hope it is welcoming the red and white hordes on April 14 or 15. COME ON!!!!!!!

    • Wembley Arch shrouded in mist and rain. I expect it to clear and become fully visible at approximately 2.30pm this afternoon.

  4. Has anyone seen the Steve Bruce interview on Daily Mail website yesterday? What little shred of respect i had for the guy is now long gone. He is still promoting the “i was only sacked because i was a geordie” nonsense. He claims to have a good managerial record at all prem clubs he took charge of and moans that he was not given enough time at sunderland to get his team to gel. Funny how MON managed to turn them round in one game!
    Interesting though how in the article Bruce insists he is not a managerial failure but the link seems to suggest otherwise! 🙂


  5. Sunderland in a 1/4 final with a positive attitude and a fair chance. Since the arrival of MON anything seems possible and although Everton are no push overs there is no reason to fear them. I think 1-1 at Goodison and 3-1 ot the SoL

  6. Please make sure you predict a score no one else has chosen. I find people reluctant to share a mug!

  7. 2-1 Everton

    Sunderland take the lead and go in half time 1 up…Campbell

    Moyes tears the ar$e out of Everton players at half time and Everton score 2 attacking the Gwladys St second half…Jelavic and Osman

    It still won’t make up for the surrender at Klanfield though. It’ll take winning the FA Cup for Moyes to be forgiven

  8. 1-0 to the red and whites. Very tight game (though I’d love for us to prove me wrong and bang in a few more) between two tactically well-managed sides

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