Mersey sound bite: 10 reasons this Sunderland fan prefers Everton to Liverpool

Sixer by Jake

Liverpool supporters may remain calm. Plenty here have attested to historic admiration for the Red half of their city (while perhaps harbouring misgivings about recent events). Here is the backlash: Peter Sixsmith, long ago lapsed as a Long-haired Lover of Liverpool), turns an unaccustomed shade of blue …

And these are his 10 reasons for preferring Everton:

* They are
like us – the so-called “second” team. Despite having longer and more illustrious histories than our respective near neighbours, both Everton and Sunderland are relatively ignored by the local and national media in favour of the long running soap operas at the Sports Direct Arena or Anfield. And both sets of fans know that their club to be far classier and far better than their rivals.

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… or guess the score

* Like us, they have a manager of integrity. David Moyes is a man who, like Martin O’Neill, oozes it. He has been manager for 10 years and has a reputation second to none. Trophies may be in short supply, but he is a far better manager/person than the likes of Benitez and Dalglish as is O’Neill when compared to Pardew.

Jake looks forward to Saturday

* Everton were the first “big” team I saw Sunderland beat. It was an FA Cup tie in 1964, played in front of 64,000 at Roker Park. M Salut and I travelled on the Scarlet Band bus from West Cornforth and had tickets for the Clock Stand Paddock. We won 3-1 against the Football League Champions. Goals from Charlie Hurley, Jimmy McNab (a collector’s piece) and a Mick Meagan own goal took us into that epic sixth round battle with Manchester United.

* They run out to Z Cars, which brings back fond memories of sitting round the Ferguson and watching Charlie Barlow, John Watt, Jock and Fancy and Lynch and Graham battering hell out of the villains of Newtown and Seaport (they probably had a pint or two with reporters, too, without fear of arrest – ed). It’s also something connected with Liverpool, rather than the Rodgers and Hammerstein ditty that the maudlin sentimentalists of Anfield warble at every available opportunity. Incidentally, as we skipped down the steps on Saturday, after comfortably overcoming the Red Half, our stadium DJ played The March Of The Mods. Any suggestions as to why, anyone?

* They play at a right old fashioned stadium, which is good to visit once a season. Parts of it are very similar to Roker and the Bullens Road Stand, where we are situated, is an exact replica of the Main Stand at dear old Roker Park. Both grounds were designed by Archibald Leitch. Beware of elderly ladies sitting with blankets over their knees.

* They have real fans, not the football tourists who turn up at Anfield, replete with cameras, new scarves and Mega Store plastic bags – ideally suited to plastic fans. The atmosphere at Anfield is poor; at Goodison it can be electric. Here’s hoping we can pull the plug on them on Saturday.

* On a couple of occasions, a certain Mr Peter Horan and I have had to go into the main stand at Goodison. We were treated well both times. Granted, one of them was that 7-1 defeat where poor Iain Harte was tortured by Mikael Arteta, but the other was a 3-1 win in 1996, courtesy of a pair from Michael Bridges, one from Craig Russell and a stunning penalty save from Lionel Perez. My word, we drank some ale that night!!

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* Talking of ale, there used to be a gem of a pub within walking distance of Goodison, but it was boarded up the last time I was there. The Leigh Arms always opened straight after the match and I have fallen into excellent Everton company there after games. One night involved my brother almost urinating on the live rail (only nearly a p*** artist then – ed) and Bob Chapman going to sleep with a pie on his head, the other saw myself and Mr Horan invited to an end of season do in a city centre pub, where a major fight broke out. Typical Liverpool Saturday night.

Give the lass a hand: Sheila Webster Was Gibson – great name – abseils from the Stadum of Light South Stand, bikes for ever and is now planning to swim Windermere. She needs the price of a pint to aid a cancer charity in the process … click anywhere on this paragraph to abseil, cycle or swin to the starting point

* My all-time favourite game took place at Goodison – Hungary v Brazil, 1966 World Cup, Hungary won 3-1. Their second goal, scored by Janos Farkas, remains the best goal I have ever seen. It was created by the wonderful Florian Albert (who died last year) and prompted a witty Scouser (these were the days before Stan Boardman and John Bishop) to say: “If I get home and that Albert is in bed with the missus, I’ll go and make him a cup of tea.” Straight out of Jimmy Tarbuck!!

* Final reason – I have a feeling we could claim a famous victory on Saturday.

19 thoughts on “Mersey sound bite: 10 reasons this Sunderland fan prefers Everton to Liverpool”

  1. to be honest, I liked the early 70s Liverpool but fell out with them when Souness thought he was above the law in kicking people. I liked the mid-80s Everton team despite that 4-1 when we had the temerity to score first (Ian Wallace, where are you now?). So I’m split, but at the moment I’d favour the blues, despite our shocking record there, over the reds because of the “not fit to wear the shehhhhht” attitude and the amount of money they’ve wasted

  2. We also hate the deluded geordie whoppers due to their arrogance and delusion of grandeur despite the fact they havent won a major trophy for over 50 years

  3. I’ve always had a tendency towards Everton and away from Liverpool, given the first Red team I remember watching had Dalglish and Souness in it; a horrible, niggly, whinging team that got away with everything because of who they were. Nothing much has changed.
    Expecting a really hard, tight game at Goodison. A single goal to win, scored by…Gardner.

  4. I always had a stonger bond with Liverpool and that was probably due to the fact more local lads played for them. The late great Bob Paisley a Sunderland supporter through and through once had his team take a nose dive to prevent our relegation, the great Albert Stubbins who appears on the Sgt Peppers album cover was a South Shields lad and a Liverpool legend. Nigel Clough the son of a Sunderland legend born in Sunderland and played for the Pool, a similar case with Alan Kennedy although he played for Newcastle as well. Alf Hobson etc etc. I can only ever remember Howard Kendal a Chester-le St lad playing for Everton, never seen Everton scouts at local games but always one there from Liverpool. AS for being the area’s poor relation I would contest that until my dying day the wheel turns and Newcastle have had moments of glory but never more than Sunderland never at any stage in history have I accepted the Town as superior, never and nor shall I ever

    • Shhhhhhhh about Paisley’s dictat if there is truth in it. We’ll never hear the end of it from Cov supporters!

  5. While not wanting to get into a public spat with my youngest brother, I will point out that the TV I watched Z Cars on was most definately a Ferguson, before the family graduated to the Bush with the built in radio. I concede he may be right about the record player, but Dansette sounded better and gave me more street cred.
    Interesting that Moyes is willing to sacrifice a derby in order to have his strongest team for Saturday. We should feel flattered – and then go and flatten them!!

  6. Just to be pedantic. The TV was a Bush complete with radio(L-T-H) followed by a Decca colour TV- The single for Z Cars was played on a Stella record player, not a Dansette. Great article though and I agree with all the sentiments.

  7. A great article, it would have a few redshite I know foaming at the mouth and a few nodding in agreement. I can see us turning you over Saturday but it’ll be a very close game, if you win then I hope to see you mackems at wembley lofting the cup(as opposed to football tourists haha!!) It shows you how Moyes rates you as he’s rested half the squad for tonights game against the shite. Best of luck!!!

  8. Everton team news for tonight: Jelavic, Cahill, Heitinga, Neville and Osman on the bench. Is Moyes resting players and does he consider Saturday a bigger game?

  9. Queued forever for tickets for 1964 game then got some dreaded lurgy the day before. My dear old mam had me tucked up in bed all weekend despite my protestations. Hope winners of this tie can go all the way. As I said at the time, it’s the toughest draw we could have got.

  10. Great read from a blue point of view as well and many memories brought back thanks You must be about the same age as me
    Good game Saturday and may the best team win as long as it is EVERTON
    If by some chance you win then good luck and hope you take the cup ,I will be rooting for you

  11. great article mate a lot of truths in it ie. football tourists who turn up at Anfield, replete with cameras, new scarves and Mega Store plastic bags.

    as an Everton fan cant wait for you boys to come down you always give the place atmosphere.
    The game i expect will be a ding dong thriller and may the best team win.

    i can always remember the time we sent you down at goodison and coventry and was it derby (no, Bristol City – ed) fixed a draw (yes, ask Jimmy Hill ed) … always felt guilty for that.

    I wish you well no matter what the outcome

  12. At the risk of ….

    never saw Carousel, even by the Bishop am-drams

    but I have always liked Gerry and the Pacemakers’ You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  13. The theme from Dr Kildare isn’t gonna get a young pulse racing is it? I had a copy of the theme from Fireball XL-5, now THAT is rock ´n roll!

  14. I think we just copied Everton. I could never really see the point of it. My mum bought me a copy of it from Woolworths on their own Embassy label. It had the theme from Dr Kildare on the flip side. That didn’t get much of a playing on the old Dansette.

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