Aston Villa v SAFC: will Villans or Mackems tell us the score?

Jakes would be chuffed if the Lads redeemed themselves

Right. I have decided, despite the view expressed here after the damp squib of SAFC v Wolves, that our unimpressive form in the past two games can have nothing to do with Salut! Sunderland running a ‘Guess the Score’ competition. So here’s another …

There has been some neat build-up. Jinksy, a devoted Villan who has visited these shores in the past and knocked the beach huts over at the least hint of criticism of his club, dropped anchor again this week, but was in disillusioned spirits in the Who are You? interview as he described the choppy waters into which poor Alex Mcleish had navigated them. He’ll have been cheered no end by reports that Villa plan to make him walk the plank at the end of the season.

Jake challenges you ...

And where will the end of the season leave Villa?

Pete Sixsmith said here that if we win tomorrow, he fears they’ll go down. A Villan posting a comment to Jinsky’s interview thought we’d win comfortably tomorrow.

And Sunderland fans who have never seen us win at Villa Park – trust the two most recent examples to have occurred with me living abroad – will be experiencing familiar symptoms of Sunderlandsupporteritis.

Be the first to post a comment giving the correct score and you will win a Salut! Sunderland Martin O’Neill ”Team of all talents – work in progress” mug, wittily adapted if you happen to be a Villa fan.

Monsieur Salut will take care to take full account of the time any attempt is made to post a scoreline so do not worry if your entry is delayed for moderation. Entries are valid up to kickoff time and M Salut’s decision will, as ever, be final.

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Monsieur Salut, by Matt

17 thoughts on “Aston Villa v SAFC: will Villans or Mackems tell us the score?”

  1. We have a winner. Bendtner had one, too, if only the flag gad stayed down. Ifos is or will be the owner of a mug once I get his address.

  2. An intersting array of score predictions this week, so with a fairly sensible head on I’ll go Villa 2 SAFC 3, however I would be delighted if either Malcolm or Tim win.

  3. My prediction is 4-1 to Sunderland! Being a former winner and mug owner, if I am correct I’ll obviously relinquish the prize to anyone who does go for that score. Good luck and haway the lads!

  4. Your SAFC allegiance is well known, Terry. It was just a headline device … I cannot properly vote but would go 3-2 to us if I could.

  5. Even though I think this competition is to blame for our recent dire form I will still attempt to win a mug before the seasons end. Therefore 1-1.

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