Video kills the radio subs – and other top, fan-friendly Sunderland gestures

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Posed by Adam Johnson, kindly supplied by SAFC
Posed by Adam Johnson, kindly supplied by SAFC

No sooner do we open a discussion on how to follow the Lads when you cannot, for geographical or other reasons, be at the stadium than the club takes the bold step of doing away with SAFC TV and launching an entirely free service that includes the live commentary, from BBC Radio Newcastle, which I mentioned yesterday.

We are always quick to deplore the uglier face of corporate football so must, in a spirit of fairness, hail this new initiative.

It coincides with SAFC very generously granting us permission to reproduce images of the new home and away tops, as modelled by Adam Johnson (h) and John O’Shea (a). See the footnote* for information on buying yours. I like the presentation as a two-photo gallery but tell me if it jars for you and I will consider reverting to simpler illustration.

Hats off – Chapeau! as Monsieur Salut might put it – to Louise Wanless and other management folk at the SoL, who also played a blinder in Hong Kong. “Goodness our fans can drink,” Louise said after the club organised a special soirée for supporters, the travelling variety as well as from the local branch of the SAFCSA.

Posed by John O'Shea, kindly supplied by SAFC
Posed by John O’Shea, kindly supplied by SAFC

But back to the new video service, which SAFC calls SAFSee.

This is what the official site says: “The new service replaces SAFC TV and is completely free to view for all supporters, anywhere in the world. Once registered – for free – supporters can watch a range of interviews, features and match action.”

There will be 10 minutes of extended highlights from each league and cup game (“subject to Premier League holdbacks”) plus the live Barnes and Benno commentary for which, as a SAFC TV subscriber, I had been paying £3.99 a month.

Supporters with existing SAFC TV subscriptions – which presumably means annual ones, not the monthly version though a quick check with online banking suggests SAFC has already cancelled my DD payment – will be refunded the amount outstanding, pro rata, without needing to take any further action.

* The images of the 2013-2014 home and away tops have been supplied by SAFC, for which Salut! Sunderland is grateful. The tops can be purchased at the official club site and, of course, at the stadium and other outlets: online sales at they come in different prices for adult/junior (home and away) versions and long and short-sleeved items (away). You’ll also find shorts and socks if you navigate the link.

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Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt

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