The Way It Is: where readers can have their say on anything

Jake introduces the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake introduces the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

Cup excitement has been and gone
and we’re back to the grind of fighting for our Premier League lives.

So it is time to restore The Way It Is to the top of the home page. The idea is that this Salut! Sunderland feature will encourage readers to get talking about any Sunderland or even non-SAFC topic on their minds, whether or not any of our regular writers have yet got round to covering.

Don’t feel the need to wait for a full article to appear on the topic that interests you. As explained previously, it is far quicker and easier for a reader to post a comment than for one of the contributors to write a piece and for one of the editors to pick it up and publish.

This is your forum, a chance to air your thoughts on as wide a variety of subjects as you wish without wondering whether the comment fits the posting. There will still be the usual opportunity to comment at postings on specific topics. But The Way It Is is back at the top of the home page – – so that it is one of the first things you see on arriving at the site by that route …

At the suggestion of the deputy editor Malcolm Dawson, who possesses a tidy mind, the comments will be purged from time to time to ensure it is not a pain to wade through them.

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

Fancy leaving a comment? Not sure what you have to say fits this post? Go to the new feature –
Fancy leaving a comment? Not sure what you have to say fits this post? Go to the new feature – – and say it there.

Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt

18 thoughts on “The Way It Is: where readers can have their say on anything”

  1. I see the club have been fined for playing Ji Dong Won when he was ineligible. Might have been worth it if he’d done anything useful during his illegal time on the pitch.

    So not only was he not sold when we had a decent offer in the summer, but we let him go cheap to a club who immediately resold him for a big profit and now this!

    I just hope the club sold a lot of replica shirts in South Korea!

    • Malcolm

      Far from a fine, we should have been PAID for playing him. This could take the form of a collection from the other 19 PL clubs, with perhaps an extra contribution by the opponent on match day.

      This could become known as ” The 10 man rule “? [ Actually, in fairness to Ji, you could easily apply this to one or two other few SAFC players ]

  2. Also happy to offer them for auction with proceeds going to upkeep of Salut Sunderland site. Won’t raise much but I imagine every little helps to plagiarise a brutal mechanistic retailer

    • Kind thought, Neil, but see my reply to your previous comment. This is the sort f thing I;d be more comfortable seeing as a charity auction. Friends of Salut! Sunderland is a better vehicle for allowing people, entitely at their own wish, to support the site – and help me, in time if the idea takes off, offer benefits of membership and also slip a bit of beer money to the great bunch of people who contribute

  3. On a different note, I have some Safc programmes that need a good home. Nothing soecial. Some home, some away. Need to declutter but refuse to send them to landfill. As I said nothing of huge value ie 1937/1973 cup finals…nothing that exotic but all in good nick. I’ll even pay to ship them to a good home

  4. Player Rating V Norwich

    Mannone = 5 mix-up with O’Shea cost us the first, could not be faulted for wonder strike second.

    Bardsley – 5 lost possession to many times, pointless hoofs uo the pitch to Altidore

    O’Shea – 5 mix-up for first goal, other wise OK for a player well past his sell-by date.

    Brown = 6 did OK

    Alonso = 2 did well enough initially, stupid sending off, but didn’t make ant difference as all was lost by their second anyway. Needs to stop diving as well.

    Bridcutt = 5 OK performance

    Ki = 3 not good, could have been injured or un-well, I hope that was the reason.

    Colback = 3 anonymous, stupid booking but Dowd was already at it.

    Johnston = 3 early promise in the second half but ultimately anonymous.

    Borini = 5 worked tirelessly, but ineffective

    Altidore = 0 what’s the point!

    Subs – Cattermole = 5 idiot, but we all know this.
    Larsson = 3 What’s the point!
    Sccoco = 1 currently looks out of his depth

    Referee – Phil Dowd = 3 Totally shite, allowed Bomsong away with very poor challenges in the first half then goes to town on Sunderland

    In reality on the current squad we will now be relegated because we are not good enough to stay up, that simple. Major re-building task required in the Summer.

    Pathetic, gutless display, so sick of this lot spoiling every weekend. Role on the Summer…if we get one.

  5. Well Adam Johnson’s observations regarding England selection is unlikely to endear him to Roy, even if he is on the surface quite correct.

    I remember Dave Watson when he was an England regular, and still a second division player. It would be interesting to see a statistical analysis of England players over the last 30 years to see how many players were picked outside of the elite and top eight to see if this is anything new.

    One thing for sure that supports Johnson is the relative lack of the national manager making north of Watford to take in games.

    • AJ welcome to that band of SAFC players who never got the England caps they should have .They include Monty, Superkev,Pop Robson,Mickey Gray, Gary Bennett,Dennis Tueart and Martin Scott

  6. Has anyone else seen a recent SAFC webpage advertising season ticket holders can get 2 additional tickets for £10 each for the palace, West ham and W Brom games?

    I’m sure I saw it yesterday but the only tickets available today were at the normal price.

  7. HA! This made me laugh, just come across it on a Ready To Go thread discussing the ha’way/howay thing.
    Contributed by “not spavin” on Aug 6th 2013…
    ” They’re 2 very different expressions.

    Ha’way is a shortened version of ‘have way’, meaning ‘move on urgently’ – bit like the modern “come on!”. It’s used by Sunderland fans to encourage their team.

    Howay is short for ‘Howards’ Way’, the 1980’s BBC yachting drama. Newcastle fans adopted it as they didn’t get into football until 1992, so spent the 80s shouting incoherently at the television.”

  8. I jest not…just came across these words of wisdom form one Steven Bruce on ‘Sports Molel’ prior to our encounter with Hull tomorrow.

    The 53-year-old told reporters: “I haven’t been back since I left, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s gone.

    “I’ve been here almost a couple of years, there’s been three managers since I left Sunderland, let’s get on with our lives.” WTFF

    Stevie boy what f#c^ing planet are you on…You haven’t shut up about us since you left you twat.

  9. From what I see of Bridcutt, he replaces Cattermole 100%. He is better, and provides the same cover with no Red Cards. So we offload Cattermole to Hull. Bruce loves those red cards. Let him have his man.

    We are doing crap anyway, I want Gus to put his players in place. I trust this guy for a 10 years stay as manager, even if we go down.

  10. It may be worth pointing out that Smoggie is now on a yellow card. If any more charmless, illiterate gibberish appears from that source, the card will become a red with an extended ban.

  11. Why not recall Wickham from loan and have him play in place of Altidore.
    I mean, keep Fletch as 1st choice but the first striker sub could be Wickham. He’s not top class but better finisher than Altidore.

    • I fear Wickham will never be anything other than a good Championship player, although maybe regular competitive football has sharpened him up and he’ll be able to do a job for us. Welbeck was far from the finished product when he played for us but look at him now. Of course with us he was gaining experience in the top flight where the standard is so much higher than that in the lower division.

      Altidore has been disappointing – there’s no disputing that – but from what I’ve seen of them both, his work rate, hold up play and ability to move defenders around is better than Wickham’s.

      The other factor which fans frequently forget is the effect on the wage bill – while Graham, Wickham, N’Diaye, Vaughan etc are out on loan some of the outlay on them is being recouped. When they come back to us the club has to meet the full cost of their salaries, insurance etc.

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