SAFC vs Liverpool Guess the Score: in off the beachball for Altidore

Jake in cynical mood
Jake in cynical mood

Come on, all you serial optimists. Have another go at guessing a Sunderland score, the game at home to Liverpool on Sunday.

William C got it right on Tuesday – 2-0 to us – and wins a mug. Two in a week is a bit much so let’s make this another one just for fun.

We all know what is at stake. Another defeat and we’re in dire straits, or should I say direr straits. A draw might just about seem acceptable and boost morale, a win of any kind – a beachball deflection sending Jozy Altidore’s off-target shot past Mignolet, a borderline offside in the last second of stoppage time, a Suarez own goal just before his second yellow for diving – would send the pulses racing.

Rules don’t matter too much when there’s no prize at stake, but the usual ones apply. Be right, be first and you book your reward in heaven.

Neither Sixer nor M Salut attended the advertised game on Feb 23 1946 (in fact, record books suggest no one did. We lost 1-0 there on April 19, a Liverpool title-winning season
Neither Sixer nor M Salut attended the advertised game on Feb 23 1946 (in fact, record books suggest no one did. Postponed, it seems. We lost 1-0 there on April 19, nearing the end of a Liverpool title-winning season)

And for the Liverpool “Who are You?”, with Kop season ticket holder Steph Jones, go to this link:


Q: What is your view of Paolo Di Canio, the desperate start Sunderland have made to this season (question posed before the sacking)?

A: It’s a tough time for Sunderland, and everyone is weighing in with opinion and rhetoric and you certainly don’t need mine. I will say, again, it’s the fans who are left wanting, who keep paying and turning up but who are at mercy of the whims of the owners.

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Same score in our favour as Tuesday would do nicely, says Jake
Same score in our favour as Tuesday would do nicely, says Jake

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Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt
Monsieur Salut, Paris-style, by Matt

20 thoughts on “SAFC vs Liverpool Guess the Score: in off the beachball for Altidore”

  1. We have no chance of getting Arry! from QPR,he doesnt even know where Sunderland is,,,he’s a southern area manager and would never travel up north…I hope Sunderland have someone in mind that isnt on the list….the others ,,I dont have a good vibe about any of them!!

  2. Liverpool take an early lead through Suarez – and Mignolet saves a Gardner penalty. But then Suarez prevents Mignolet from reaching an AJ corner, they come to blows and both are sent off. Kevin Ball immediately substitutes himself for Ki, he and Catts each score 2 : 4-1 to the lads.At which point did I drop off?

  3. If PDC was still in office, I think we’d have been humiliated. Now I think the dynamic has changed. I suspect Bally to play five in midfield and be difficult to break down.

    My instinct is 1-1, but others have beat me to it, so 2-2 for me.

  4. 2-1 to us with a large blue towel opening the scoring early on. Pegged back to 1-1 by former Mackem Jordan Henderson, but a late winner from a large red and white striped parasol to take all three points for us. Yes, I’m only joking.

    A bottle of Factor 30 sunscreen will notch before Altidore.

    SAFC 1 Liverpool 3

  5. Bally will shut up shop. He’ll go for a 4-5-1.
    I say a draw at 1-1 with Altidore scoring.

    Bally wants to build confidence back, and that means not losing or not losing by many. We’ll see a MON type of tactic.

    And just to mention: the more I hear about Gus Poyet, the less I am comfortable about his appointment as manager. But who else is out there thats not a risk I ask?

    I never thought I’d be longing for the safe pair of hands of a Mark Hughes-type manager! How much would it cost to buy ‘Arry out of his QPR contract? If it were possible I’d be breaking the bank for him.

    There’s just no-one out there that puts a tingle down your spine is there.

  6. Nobody has mentioned ‘dire straits’ that little known waterway that runs close to everybody at some time, so I will go for a recovering 1-1

    • By the way I would like to extend a tremendous thank to Kevin Ball for still being here, showing a unreal commitment to the club, being an inspiration on the pitch when those around were failing.

      Getting results through leadership and the will to win, we will forget about two dodgey challenges, and showing an unfailing commitment to SAFC through thick and thin.

      I raise a Glass to you Sir, the unsung Hero.

  7. I quite like Dire Straits. A few tracks our underperforming “stars” might like: “Industrial Disease”, “Money For Nothing”, “Why Worry”? Anyway, one – nowt.

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