Aston Villa ‘Guess the Score’: Wes Brown to score winner?

Jake: hope springs etenal
Jake: hope springs etenal

In a fair world, that – Wes Brown clinching all three points for Sunderland – naturally would be the outcome.

It may be more likely, given SAFC’s recent luck on the road, that Wayne Rooney’s pal Neil Swarbrick will miraculously overcome his problems with distinguishing between red and yellow and send off three of our team. The remaining eight will perform tirelessly and with a great deal of courage, but just fail to hold out for a draw.

Let’s stick to the first scenario, not the second. Brown, exonerated by the FA (and be under no illusions how high a hurdle has to be cleared under the appeal rules before that can happen), will do as he did at QPR in one of MoN’s early games and score the winner in a 3-2 victory.

That’s my fantasy. What do you reckon?

Jake isn't greedy: a reverse of last season's scoreline would do him
Jake isn’t greedy: a reverse of last season’s scoreline would do him

Not really a competition in the usual sense since no prize if offered. But have a go for fun at predicting the outcome of Saturday’s game.

Villa fans and neutrals are, of course, welcome to join in. People posting comments for the first time may experience delay in seeing theirs appear; it’s to do with the anti-spam filter but moderation is normally quite fast.

Our Villan in the “Who are You?” hot seat, David Hale, sportingly refrained from suggesting 6-1 as the scoreline.

This was how he remembered that awful night last season:

David Hale, aka @AFCRant at Twitter
David Hale, aka @AVFCRant at Twitter

You know what it was a combination of us clicking – we had shown glimpses especially away at Liverpool and it was a crucial time for us we had threatened it previously – add the fact that for whatever reason Sunderland didn’t turn up. It was a great night and long overdue, probably my favourite home game last season. It happens and we were on the wrong end of one of those when we went to Chelsea so I know how Sunderland fans felt, midweek miles away from home

David reckons 3-1 this time, to them of course. We can try to put him right, but it’ll take some effort, a lot of discipline and maybe a touch of good fortune to turn our hopes into reality.

Monsieur Salut in Paris days, as seen by Matt
Monsieur Salut in Paris days, as seen by Matt

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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6 thoughts on “Aston Villa ‘Guess the Score’: Wes Brown to score winner?”

  1. Well. I’m looking forward to this one but really can’t see a repeat of last season’s barnstormer.

    It looks like you lot struggle to score away from home so that’s encouraging. But our ability to score relies on the team picked.

    With Gabby, Weiman and Benteke up front we’re dangerous. Other combos are less effective by some distance. SO it’s a lottery really. If Lambo plays similar formation to the Baggies game and brings on Gabby and Weiman for impact I’ll go for 3-0.

    Otherwise 1-0.

    Sorry, but I can’t see you’re lot getting more than 0

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