Poyetry in motion: Everton weren’t mint but they still stuck it on us

John McCormick writes: I had an encounter with a gobby Evertonian this morning. You’ll know the type: young enough to be stupid, only sings when they’re winning, thinks his team is God’s gift and their present good spell will last forever. He’ll learn soon enough that football comes in cycles and Everton’s day in the sun will end sometime. Not as soon as Sunderland’s, however, as his team did enough to keep us on a cycle of about seven years of premiership football followed by relegation.

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

While we’re on the subject of gobby people and cycles, what do you think of the boss’s feelings this week? Is he talking the talk? Should he get on his bike? I gave my opinion a few days ago but here’s his post-match e-mail, as sent to Colin (and maybe one or two others), so you can make up your own minds:

Dear Colin,

We were in the game all of the time, we had a lot of possession and created a number of half chances but another own goal has undone us.

It’s the story of the season, it’s kept happening and today nothing changed.

We were playing against one of the best teams in the country; Everton came to the Stadium of Light in great form and they had to work very hard to get the result and they did just that.

They ground out a result from nowhere and that’s why they are in the position they are in.

Jake: talking the talk? We're taking a walk
Jake: talking the talk? We’re taking a walk

Tim Howard was very good; he was catching every shot, every deflection and the ball just didn’t fall for us.

We need to show the fans we’re doing our best and I think we did that today, we had plenty of balls in the box, and we matched Everton.

Every single player tried their best; it was a tight game and very close, we said whoever scored the first goal would win it and unfortunately it was an own goal that decided it.

All the best,
Gus Poyet

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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9 thoughts on “Poyetry in motion: Everton weren’t mint but they still stuck it on us”

  1. Yes, that’ll will be a cool 12 million back from Fletcher for refurbishing next season . Back on planet earth ,we’ll be lucky to get 1/4 of that

  2. So Pulis wants Steven Fletcher to spearhead his attack next season? Well, he can have him, the man is a relegation magnet. Burnley, Wolves and now Sunderland. He goes down more often than Linda Lovelace.

  3. Sorry but can’t see three home wins. We’ll struggle to get 33 points……at best 7 points from home and maybe a point away. 33 takes us down I’m afraid…along with Norwich and Cardiff. Think Fulham will escape and the Baggies have only to avoid defeat against us.

    Living near Leeds a silver lining’s getting to more away games. Also less exposure to Monday Night games on sky…played 20 won none. Resigned to it now. Gus should blood some young lads being as the incumbents apparently can’t wait to get away.

    Another silver lining…..or is it a straw being clutched…..is we’ll pass Nufc going the other way when we win the Championship

    • He may have been Mick but didn’t ha get rid of players that kept us up, and replace them with ones that have taken us down?

      Cruel defeat yesterday, at least we put our best team out and had a go. Even three home wins wouldn’t keep us up, so the championship it is. At least we’ll win a few!

  4. 7 own goals often at crucial times. Far too many red cards. Wes Brown has three in a season truncated by injury. Apart from Johnson no midfielder has chipped in with goals. it’s losing to EFC who are a decent team in good form, it’s the capitulations against those teams around us. Take Hull for example, they are pedestrian and yet they’ve beaten us three times without conceding. Early on it looked as tough the team was going to be more balanced under Gus but since January that as evaporated. Too any midfielders shirk their responsibilities defensively thus exposing our geriatric central defenders.

  5. How many own goals have we gave away this season and ultimately how many points has it cost us? Not the reason we’re down of course, they’re multitude but a major factor is , own goals or not , we can’t score at the right end. Fletcher,Wickham ,Altidore, Graham , Scocco. that’s pushing nearly £40 million pounds worth of ‘ talent ‘ . I could scream ,so lord knows what Ellis Shory must be thinking, I just hope its not ‘ cut my losses and run!’. John asks for our opinions on Poyet. Well yesterday he didnt make any stupid substitutions or impliment a formation that was alien to the team and we did ok. He’s a ready made championship manager and our squad is stuffed full of championship players, unfortunately they’re jumping ship ‘ not my fault pal, I’m off !’. So we have to rebuild, is he the man to do it, I’m honestly not sure ,but apparantly he was hinting in a radio interview last night about trouble behind the scenes and he wanted backing from ES to go public . Maybe Di Canio was correct about them all along, just went about it the totally wrong way, as insane people do. I don’t know the answers , its a complete mess , I’m rambling ………………

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