Larsson’s new deal: I say good, what say you?

Jake and a glorious Seb moment
Jake and a glorious Seb moment

Like most Sunderland supporters,
I want to see new faces at the club. I want the summer to produce arrivals of men genuinely capable of improving the team, and a few more departures would be something I could live with.

But I am pleased that Seb Larsson has signed a new three-year deal. There were times last season and the one before that he has past his best-before date.

As Metro pointed out in a good piece today, those trademark free kicks – or rather, goals from them – have all but vanished from his game.

But he earned a new deal with those storming performances at the end of the season. Our survival prospects rose along with his upturn in form.

Larsson is an international player and generally does well for his national side, Sweden. I welcome his prolonged stay at the SoL. Sometimes a rejuvenated player is as good as a hold new signing.

But now over to the Salut! Sunderland jury …

And while we’re on, have your say on who we should treat as an honorary World Cup second team. Uruguay, in second place currently but some way behind the leaders, the USA, become eligible only if and when England depart, since – like Costa Rica and Italy – they’re in our group. Click “view” to see how the poll stands. And remember it’s just a spot of fun. With the USMNT leading, how could it be otherwise?

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Matt's cartoon as adapted by Jake
Matt’s cartoon as adapted by Jake

10 thoughts on “Larsson’s new deal: I say good, what say you?”

  1. Solid experienced squad player, we need him . Theres a lot of places to fill and I trust we won’t be undertaking another Di Fanti like spree signing lottery .

  2. Agreed William but it still doesn’t explain the onset of his apparently constant inability to strike a dead ball, when this was his real strength.

  3. I do think that Larsson is a decent player, certainly in comparison with many we have had recently.
    I think he is a better player than his recent performances suggest, and I wonder why he doesn’t deliver as often as I think he could/should?
    I’ve watched him several times [ on TV ] for Sweden, and he is almost always one of their better players.
    I wonder if his versatility is the problem? IMO his best position is right wing, but he almost never gets to play there [ presumably to accommodate Johnson ] He [ Johnson ] seems to me to be equally effective [ or, as the case may be, ineffective ] on the left, and I would like to see Larsson get a sustained spell in his best position. I think we might see the best of him then.

  4. Midfield is where we have to improve, strikers can’t score unless they are fed the ball. Ki and Colback won’t be there next season, that leaves Larsson, Johson, Cattermole Birdcott and Giacharinni. Certainly won’t be any better than before, who comes in? The defence is ageing the forward aren’t scoring or fit. If there is going to be a rebuild it requires more players than we can afford or loans again. Alonso, Borini and Ki will be missed, Socco, Altidore and Fletchers fitness are big question marks, has Whickham finally come of age? Lot’s still to be done

  5. I’m very pleased he’s staying, particularly as it looks as if Colback will go. We need a stable core and I think he’s an important part of that – evolution not revolution.

  6. Can we judge his next three years like his last? I rather doubt it. He appears to have lost the ability to strike a dead ball both at free kicks and on corners.

    I can’t explain that, and it’s been a problem for the last 18 months if not more.

    Any ideas welcome.

  7. He has proved he can play at the highest level for Sweden, we have seen glimpses of it on wearside, so I’m in the pleased camp and think this season could be his best for us

  8. Of the out-of-contract players, Larsson was probably the one we most wanted to sign up again And yet…and yet I can’t get excited about it.

    My biggest fear going into the close season was that we’d have difficulty putting 11players on the field next season so I should be pleased.

    I’m luke warm about it – I don’t want to be but I am. For most of the last two seasons Larsson’s been poor and a handful of very good games at the end of last season doesn’t change that.

    All I can do is to hope that the new, rejuvenated Seb Larsson Is the one who turns up next season or, better, that, maybe, we can sneak in Ever Banega so whichever Larson we have doesn’t really matter.

    Not holding my breath.

  9. I agree ,and suspect that he wouldn’t have been offered a deal unless Gus thought he was suitable for our new style of play. Also I think that Seb wouldn’t have agreed a new deal if he didn’t agree with the manager.

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