The Salut! Sunderland school’s not quite out for summer

Jake's images brighten these pages
Jake’s images brighten these pages

Salut! Sunderland depends on its contributors and, of course, its readers.

The latter come in whatever numbers day after day. What they find is determined by what the former have been able to submit.

The season over, we would normally be retreating into a period of calm – ie neglect – in the knowledge that little of serious importance, the odd transfer apart, is likely to happen until much later in the summer. But there’s the World Cup this year and Salut! will publish whatever its regulars, and anyone who wishes to participate, chooses to offer.

Let me draw renewed attention to the great Salut! Sunderland poll on which country should be our second team in Brazil (NB: votes may be cast for Brazil but only as comments – see explanation – and for England’s group stage opponents on the understanding that these would not count until or unless England departed at that stage). The poll appears to your right in the sidebar column and also at the foot of this page.

But let me also offer my warmest thanks to all who make Salut! Sunderland what it is, a lively, intelligent meeting place for Sunderland supporters which neutrals and fans of opposing sides can also enjoy.

In no particular order, as they say on a certain TV show, that means Pete Sixsmith, Malcolm Dawson, John McCormick, Jake, Nic Wiseman, Jeremy Robson, Stephen Goldmsith, Gareth Barker, Keir Bradwell, Ken Gambles, Bob Chapman, Peter Lynn, Rob Hutchison, the Birflatt Boy, Grant Tunkel, Daniel Garraghan, Lars Knutsen, John and Hayley Penman, Mick Goulding, Ian Todd, Jon Adamson, Robert Simmons, Eric Sweeney, Hilary Fawcett and at least six more who’ll be writing to me about their exclusion from my hastily composed list.

There’s not much in it for any of them beyond the comradeship and a chance to share their passion with a brilliant audience. That’s where the readers come in; all are welcome to contribute articles but they are equally welcome just to come and read and chat.

We’re up to about 2.4 million visits since the site began back in 2007. Thanks for that vote of support and confidence …

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