Sixer’s Sevens: Birmingham City 0 Sunderland 3. We always win 3-0, Lee

Jake: 'Sixer does it in seven words, no more, no less - unless he miscounts'
Jake: ‘Sixer does it in seven words, no more, no less – unless he miscounts’

Pete Sixsmith was wondering on his way to Birmingham whether he ought to question his own sanity. Awful ground, long midweek trek, the usual complaints. But we filled our section while the Bluenoses stayed away (as, of course, did Mackems during last season’s league cup run). The first half sounded dreadful enough listening to Benno and Barnes – ‘thanks heaven for the half time whistle’ said Barnes – so we can only guess what is was like to be at St Andrew’s. The second half surprised Sixer, Benno and Barnes by producing a three-goal canter. But great to hear our supporters chanting ‘we always win three nil’ at Lee Clark …

Jake: 'I'll take "flattering" ...'
Jake: ‘I’ll take “flattering” …’

August 27: Capital one Cup. Birmingham City (0) 0 SAFC (0) 3 Not quite as comfortable as it sounds

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Saturday August 16: West Bromwich Albion (1) 2 SAFC (1) 2
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** See how Sixer, and occasional subs, captured last season at


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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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13 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens: Birmingham City 0 Sunderland 3. We always win 3-0, Lee”

  1. Thank you Pete I appreciate your follow up.

    I had forgotten about the incident with LC. In the whole scheme of things, it appears more of a daft thing than a vindictive one. But you guys know better than me.

    I’m not just saying this, but Sunderland have always been my favourite NE team. You guys know what its like to be in our position, you are genuine fans and not up your backsides like other NE sides I could mention.

    Now go one better than last year and win the competition.

    See you when we’re drawn in the FA cup together!

  2. I was harsh in my assessment of St Andrews, Kevin. Too many defeats and scraped draws in the 50 years I have been watching Sunderland.
    The ground is a decent one now and City did well. It was a pleasant evening out and I wish you well for the season ahead.
    I endorse the comments about Lee Clark. We have all done stupid things when we were young and I think that now, as a manager, he realises that what he did was idiotic. I suspect that he would deal with a similar incident in the same way that Peter Reid dealt with him.

  3. I didn’t go, but according to SSN coverage, we were the better side for much of the first half but couldn’t score.

    Also they said that we only lost 3-0 because we were pushing forward to try and get back into the game. I’d rather that than losing 1-0 and not doing anything.

    We were never going to win this cup, and with the financial rewards being low – I’m glad we are out to be honest.

    I do take exception to the comment that we have an awful ground. There are MUCH worse than ours around, and despite the difficult off pitch circumstances, the club employees have done a FANTASTIC job making sure that the match day experience is a decent one for home and away fans.

    While the old main stand does need replacing, the rest of the ground is good. Remember we have never had the money to build a new ground like you guys and have had to modernise what we already have.

    Anyway, I wish you well in the rest of the competition.

    Until we meet again

    Kevin Ball

    • Maybe Sixer will have come away with a warmer view of the stadium, Kevin. I await his judgement with interest

  4. Happy we’re through without injuries, replays, penalties etc. Clark seems to be genuinely remorseful. Might be time to let this one go.

    • Agreed Neil. I always thought the t-shirt incident was blown up out of proportion anyway, just a daft lad having a daft laugh with his daft mates. It’s still enjoyable to poke fun at a Geordie after we beat him though.

    • Neil

      I have never, never, understood the ridiculous over-reaction to the T shirt thing. Lee Clark was a young daft lad, no doubt mislead into what was perceived as a bit of a joke, by his Newcastle mates.
      My opinion of him was based by what he did on the pitch. He never gave less than 100%, and IMO was our most important player, because practically everything went through him.
      I watched him many times at Fulham, and he was the creative hub of their side too.
      The over-cooked sensitivity of some fans never fails to sadden me. As you say, lets move on.

      • Hear hear. My thoughts exactly. What’s more I would have liked him to have stayed as I’m sure he would have continued to be class for us but obviously that would have been impossible with the reaction he would have got.

      • He wouldn’t have stopped anyway , T shirt or not . He said in a radio interview I heard last season that he would have never played against the mags in a Sunderland shirt ,so he was always leaving as soon as we went up . May have been Talksport , not sure , but I definitely 100% heard it and I was gobsmacked .

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