Hutch’s Patch: a word apiece to sum up the Lads vs Everton

Rob: sometimes a man of few words
Rob: sometimes a man of few words

No two people will ever agree on all of the talking points from Sunderland vs Everton.

What we can say for certain is:

* post-Osman, no lectures are permitted from any Everton manager, player or supporter on penalties wrongly given or denied

* if we accept Howard did not handle the ball, there is at least an argument that says he obstructed play and should have conceded an indirect free kick in a highly dangerous position

* Sunderland played well and thoroughly deserved the point

* Howard risks being arrested as a wannabe jihadist until he shaves off that preposterous beard

Rob Hutchison
now offers a useful counter-balance to Keir Bradwell’s man-by-man Sunderland ratings, and he does it – as is his style – with a single word for each player …

Pants – assured 7

Rev – tidy 7

JoS – commanding 7

Wes – better 7

Santi – adequate 6

Jordi – decent 7

Seb – mint 8

AJ – quiet 6

Brids – Cattsesque 8

Wicks – eeesh! 5

Fletch – busy 7

Buckley – lively(ish) 7

Rodders – alreet 6

Jake: 'expect disagreement, Rob'
Jake: ‘expect disagreement, Rob’

12 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: a word apiece to sum up the Lads vs Everton”

  1. I tend to agree with John’s appraisal on Baines. He is far less effective than he was 2-3 seasons ago.

    Has his England career been “resurrected.” After the World Cup displays I’d have though resuscitation might have been more appropriate.

    I thought he was anonymous on Saturday. Well done, Mr Larssson (how many points from Keir this week for the Swede?).

  2. Of course Bainesy, I don’t think its a lack of class or anything I think its just about him finally becoming a leader of the team and realising that he is a top player. I don’t know if its anything to do with England but maybe, the first time we noticed it was Arsenal last year it was already a bit of grudge match with them beating us in the cup and the 2 of us so close in the league then Arteta gives Barkley a nasty kick Baines went mental and gave it to Arteta. Was a bit strange with those 2 supposedly good mates then after the game Artea was trying to put an arm around him but Baines was having none of it.

    Maybe players can do it too much but being more vocal was definitely something Baines needed to add and with 4 goals and 9 assists so far this season (all comps) you cant really argue.

    • You’ll have seen him more than me so I have to accept your judgement. I thought he was more effective 2-3 seasons ago – frightening at his best – when he got his head down and worked hard without mouthing off all the time. Now he appears to talk more and do less.

      • Stats wise he is in the best form of his career the difference is a team built around him and Pienaar which is what Moyes did and a more balanced team that can go down either side but apparently not through the middle. Also I think Martinez makes a big thing about senior players acting a certain way.

        Take anyone away from our team and we should have someone in reserve to cover it, take our full backs away and we have problems and Baines is a big part of that.

  3. Good try Mark, but this site has been a resolute enemy of diving and other forms of cheating throughout its existence, making no distinction between perpetrators wearing red and white stripes or assorted inferior colours. Gomez, as I and others have said, was lucky not to collect a second yellow.

    • haha, I come on here quite a bit when we are due to play each other and the Osman thing is always brought up, I don’t actually remember the incident myself I must not have seen it…..

      • Are you Arsene or Jose in disguise?

        Blatant Pain seems to have got a much bigger mouth since his England career was resurrected.

      • Mark: it was a Howard Webb’s wonder of a decision for which he did apologise to Martin O’Neill afterwards. I never heard a squeak from Osman about it, just the usual ‘not that kind of lad’ nonsense from his admirers.

        If it’s any consolation, another Liverpudlian team produced the greatest dive ever seen at the Stadium of Light. Varga fouled Gary McAllister way outside the box, so far they could both probably see the outskirts of Durham, and the McAllister dive just had to be seen to be fully appreciated. He glided through the air with breathtaking grace before landing inside the penalty area. The ref, the other one from Tring, Barber, was clearly so impressed that only a penalty and Liverpool equaliser could suffice. Mind, Varga should probably have been sent off and wasn’t. But I’d have fancied us to hang on to 1-0 even with 10 men if it had only been a free kick a yard or two back from the box.

  4. * post-Gomez, no lectures are permitted from any Sunderland manager, player or supporter on players taking dives in a game

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