Pure Poyetry on Everton draw: ‘fair result and a prize for Seb’

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Monsieur Salut writes: Take a look at young Keir Bradwell’s marks out of 10 for Sunderland’s team, and the comments beneath his piece, come back tomorrow to see what old(er) Rob Hutchison made of it and even look at what I had to say at ESPN and you’ll soon accept that everyone views a game differently. Roberto Martinez, a manager I admire hugely, needs to be told that no one who brings Osman back to the stadium where he kicked the ground with no SAFC player in sight, claimed a pen and got one can ever complain about refereeing. But some things stand out and no one seems to dispute that Seb Larsson, so often criticised, had an outstanding game (I’d say another outstanding game). Let Gus Poyet sing his praises in his post-match e-mail …

Jake draws it best
Jake draws it best

Dear Colin,

It was a fair result.

I think you need to take the point when you try and analyse football in a fair way.

The opposition were very good on the ball and they controlled the tempo of the game, so you need to adapt and be good when you get the ball back to create.

We created enough to win it but Everton also had their chances, so overall I think it was one of those games – it was so tight that it could go either way, so a draw was alright for everybody.

We had been talking saying it was time for Seb to score from a free kick and he has done it this afternoon.

We know his quality, we know what he brings to the team and we know how hard he works, but every now and then you need a good feeling and a prize to take home and I think he was ready to take the prize.

It was difficult to stop and I think to do it [Tim] Howard has to move a little bit early, then maybe it comes into his sight, but it was great delivery and I think we deserved the goal at that time.

The defence was the key today. Everybody looks at the crosses you put into the box, the chances you create and the passes you make but football is becoming more and more about how you defend and how much you care about defending.

The team was practically perfect apart from a couple of actions and everybody needs to stand up at some time, but we are working very hard at this point to show that we are back in business.

Thanks for your support,

Gus Poyet



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