Do they mean us? Ready to Go readers’ verdict on Salut! Sunderland

Jake takes the jibe to heart and prepares to offer his services to  small club in Madrid
Jake takes the jibe to heart and prepares to offer his services to a small club in Madrid

The saying about glass houses
and stones hurtles into mind. Salut! Sunderland writers dish out criticism when they feel it is appropriate, so we must expect brickbats to be tossed our way, too.

I chanced upon a Ready to Go discussion on the merits and otherwise of sites/blogs related to Sunderland AFC. The usual dismay that some SAFC fans are simply unaware we exist soon gave way, by turn, to pride when praise was offered, disappointment when we were given short shrift.

But that is as it should be. The accumulated “hits” of 2.6 million, albeit over a period of seven full years, suggest we are getting something right. It is not unheard of for Salut! Sunderland to be slagged off in comments here or beyond our reach at other places, but we are also accustomed to picking up the odd complimentary assessment.

I was a bit chastened to see the thread headed “Roker Report or Wearewearside”, but the irritation soon wore off once I remembered the mantra that we do not aim to compete with anyone else.

Warts and all, Salut! Sunderland stands by itself. There’s plenty I wish we could do more of, or better, but the bottom line is that it is a site that is essentially a labour of love, supported by a terrific little army of willing contributors, and occasionally makes me feel proud.

I have general permission from Roger, at RTG, to reproduce threads provided, quite properly, that attribution is made. The link is RTG is an invaluable resource for Sunderland supporters and there’s no complaint from here if not all its subscribers care very much for us.

Feel free to comment there or here or both (I add my own brief thoughts after some of the views expressed) …

Vernon: What is your favourite safc blog site?


Salut Sunderland

—- Thanks, Tim


never heard of that one, will look it up


It’s decent mate seems to slip under the radar compared to Roker Report

Apple Pie

Salut for me as well. Rubbish graphics and you have to take a bit of time to adapt to the different characters on there but there’s some decent stuff being posted, even if it seems slightly less professional. Better atmosphere too

– damned with faint praise! Jake can expect his marching orders.I claim all credit for the atmosphere.


Clearly WAW boasts the superior abbreviation and therefore must be the best.

Might be biased mind.

Boris Bear Striker


– Sixer owes you a Bear hug


None. I used to like when you’d come on a msg board and ‘normal’ fans would debate and argue, but the sports media were the media. Nowadays we have this proliferation of bloggers etc who get plastered all over here by the robot and all over your twitter etc, and whilst they provoke more debate still, i do tend to think people ‘out there’ reading it seem to legitimise it more or make it more valid cos its ‘from a site’ when in reality these opinions are still worth no more than any poster on this board in terms of validity. I still much prefer just discussing things on the likes of here with normal fans

– welcome to the world of Salut! Sunderland‘s imposters. But there must be someone here who qualifies as a “normal fan” …

hexhamali Midfield

Never read salut or we are wearside. Read Roker report pretty much daily.


I read enough sh*** about us on here.

– difficult to quarrel with that. See Sixer’s report on the Liverpool game:

Walter H White

Roker Report for the latest transfer news but I think WeAreWearside do the better opinion pieces.


None really, their articles can normally be summed up in a sentence or two, and normally are – on here, by posters.


I don’t read any of them.



I don’t see why Fishpaste feels the need to carbon copy everything that comes off on RR.


RR used to be good, probably the best, then went massively downhill to the point it’s boring and unreadable now. Salut I’m not overly keen on. It’s okay but needs a facelift. WAW is completely forgettable.

The problem with all of them (for me), as expressed above, is I don’t really care what they think that much. They’re no more qualified or to be trusted than a bloke down the pub. It strikes me that these sites exist to be run by people with no friends to spout their opinion to, however their superiority complex means they need to find themselves a nice little site to express their ideas and opinion to the world and we should all sit and listen. Somewhere like here at least has the element of conversation, which is sadly lacking on all/any blog.

– must see what my mates think of this one. Oops, haven’t got any


None, there isn’t any point really when you’ve got this place.


Why read anything when you could be listening to podcasts… *cough*

Of course this is a joke, I read all of those sites on occasion. I just saw it as an opportunity to promote what I do because I’m a self absorbed wanksplat.

– I suspect Gareth has been known to grace these pages, which is were his podcasts were first given an airing, and that he is the same Gareth that sits in front of Sixer in the East stand


It’s a bit of a harsh stereotype there like. I’m sure there are a few pretentious bloggers out there but speaking for myself I don’t feel important or clever or more qualified in anyway just because I write a few blogs. I wouldn’t say it has any bearing on my social life either.

Its a hobby. I hate soaps so it’s class for passing the time when the lass is cabbaged on the sofa.

Keep on blogging, Gary.
Some of us do it as if it earned us a living.

No great insights, then, but crumbs of food for thought. We’d let you know the name of the new graphics man except that Jake – who many readers and your editor, incidentally, think is brilliant – would go for aggravated damages.

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake
M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake



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11 thoughts on “Do they mean us? Ready to Go readers’ verdict on Salut! Sunderland”

  1. We really only have 3 readers. I spent two years training a pigeon to refresh the page by sticking maize to the keyboard with bluetack. That’s why we now have 2621882 hits.

    (I thought it would be quicker than training a magpie).

    • Drummer

      Spot on. Many football forums are consumed with spite, hatred and, it has to be said, stupidity. As a result, anyone wanting to make genuine football points is alienated.

      • Well said…you just have to go and look at Ne#@astle Mad or the Mag for examples of this…Salut is far superior in content and intellect.

    • I agree completely, it is civil, well written and level headed. Most of its contributors even know how to use those damned things called punctuation marks, including apostrophes! I have a feeling that most of us are heading towards or already are vintage in years. I give you my full endorsement and recommended you recently to Guarduan readers.

      Sunderland fanzine websites are generally well received and saluted. I wonder if there is an inverse correlation between the worthy sites and the less than worthy performances on the field and would we want it otherwise?

  2. “When people disagree with something they will give reasons and present their own point of view.”

    Or they’ll just give you a thumbs down! 🙂

  3. For anyone new to this site you rarely get any inane or abusive comments on here unlike many other forums which I have given up on because comments were just back and forth abuse. I can’t remember the last time a comment was removed or not approved on here.

    In general comments are well thought out, well expressed and well argued. When people disagree with something they will give reasons and present their own point of view.

    Articles are original and where they refer to postings on other websites, these are credited to the original author with a working link. I have seen articles from Salut! Sunderland simply copied and pasted on other sites with no reference at all to Salut and posted under the name of someone who can use their right mouse button but who probably can’t string two words together.

    All right I am biased and there other good sites out there but I would argue that for intelligent comment and debate Salut is hard to beat.

  4. It can be argued that the Internet has not brought about the predicted next stage of evolution of man. Rather it is predominantly porn, narcissism and nastiness. Where it rises above these base pursuits there will always be those who knock. Dara OBrian used a lovely phrase suggesting there is a sea of outrage out there. So Salut should simply carry on. I like Jake’s input a lot actually. A keen sense of humour and quick response. Those who want Salut to be more flash are reverting to the content over style argument. I like the WYSIWYG nature of Salut. I may be one of the snobs (come from a council estate but now a University lecturer)….if so… be it. I’ll have my Salut cake full of witty well informed contributions and eat it. As Shakespeare said….F##k’em

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