Pure Poyetry: ref inspires team to up their game against Liverpool

Jake: 'when your secret weapon is Danny Graham you know you're in trouble'
Jake: ‘no New Year’s resolution on display at the Stadium of Light’
Malcolm Dawson writes……a few problems with the website server has delayed us passing on the contents of Senor Poyet’s post match e-mail to M Salut but we’re here now – better late than never. Now I’m no Hercule Poirot but I detect a few grumblings and mumblings amongst our regular readers and a growing discontent with the Head Coach’s style of play and decision making. Personally I have no such qualms…….yet. We need some stability at the club and chopping and changing the man at the top will not be a good move at this stage, but that’s just my opinion and I know not all of you will agree. But what does disconcert me in his missive is the claim it was referee Craig Pawson who provoked a reaction from the team. Perhaps he should have awarded the third minute penalty and sent off Wes Brown then we would have seen a reaction earlier. Three shots in the whole game tells its own story. True our ex goalie let us down by not making himself big enough to deflect Johnson’s rebound back into the goal but then Pants had a similar bit of luck with his elbow. It’s your job to get the team to react Gus. Time to throw some hairdryers mebbes!

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Dear Colin,

I’m disappointed with the result because I was expecting better; the first half was very disappointing.

In the second half we came out and we had a go, even with 10 men; we applied pressure and we got forward and almost got something from the game, unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

(Liam) Bridcutt’s red card made the players react, they sensed they were in trouble and really pulled together as a team at that point; something they should have done a lot earlier in the game.

(Adam) Johnson went close to scoring for us; he is a player who is making a difference for the team, he takes a lot of responsibility. It’s been a busy week for him, becoming a father, and you could see he was tired towards the end but he insisted on playing today.

Mika (Mandron) came on and he brought a spark with him and he almost got a goal. Danny (Graham) did well too, he’s a great professional and he has a great attitude, he came back from loan sharp and that’s how he was involved today.

Thanks for your support,

Gus Poyet


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10 thoughts on “Pure Poyetry: ref inspires team to up their game against Liverpool”

  1. Don’t know if I was the only one wondering what Borini’s thoughts were of the match.

    Pre-game he may have been thinking whether his move to Liverpool was the right decision, considering his lack of playing time. No doubt witnessing the Sunderland debacle cured him of any regrets. What a difference 90 minutes makes.

  2. P.S. Eric. How much do Morrisons want for that bag?

    Di Fanti would have had it signed on a four year deal, even with the holes in it.

    • Walking through Tescos car park earlier in the morning, 2 trolleys were being blown by the wind. Both had more sense of direction than most of our players and, more pertinently, both were moving forward.

  3. Superb points here from everybody which just about cover it all for me. The only other issue is the role of Ellis Short in all of this. There are three scenarios here

    1) Short won’t put up the cash for signings
    2) Short is prepared to pay fee but not the wages
    3) 1 & 2 don’t apply but the players don’t want to come

    It doesn’t seem to be a problem for that lot up the road, even with Ashley’s alleged interference, and they’ve not won anything for even longer than us.

  4. I am generally against changing manager but I am coming to a point where I wouldn’t be disappointed to see Poyet leave. Brighton fans warned us he was too negative and that is really clear. We show no ambition to win games. A draw is fine and if we can nick a goal then great. We keep drawing with teams at the bottom (Burnley, Leicester, Villa, etc) where they keep beating each other. For example, Leicester and Villa have both got 3 points from the games against each other. We would have got 2.
    While Wickham was poor yesterday I am not sure what was expected of him. We basically played 9 at the back against a team that cannot defend and a keeper having a terrible time. When the ball was played up to Wickham it was ages before anyone got near him so he was expected to hold the ball up for seconds at a time.
    Gus’s substitutions are awful. He made us progressively worse against a terrible Hull side and yesterday was unbelievable. Everybody in the ground knew how bad Gomez was playing yet he stayed on all game. He replaced the 3 players on the pitch who have scored the most goals for us with 3 who have never scored. And with 5 minutes to go and a final push for a point he brings on a 6 foot 5 centre forward. Excellent so far, but he takes off the only man who had shown any inclination to put in a cross and then puts the big man on the right side of midfield rather than up front. Can anyone explain the logic in any of the substitutions, other than taking off Wickham who was having a bad game. The first 2 subs were like for like and certainly suggested he was happier to lose 1-0 than risk a heavier defeat than try to win.
    Gomez is utterly awful and keeps getting picked. I have 2 bad knees and have turned 50 and would cover more ground than he does. When Liverpool broke he was closest to Markovic and had a 5 yard start. When Markovic scored he was still 10 yards outside our box. Totally unacceptable. He always lets his man go and should, for example, have costs us 2 goals at Leicester and others since. If I can see that, why can’t our illustrious manager. The fact that he keeps getting picked ahead of Rodwell, when he is fit, suggests that Gus is either a terrible judge of a player, doesn’t watch the game or is trying to make a point to the hierarchy because, presumably, Rodwell was Congerton’s choice. Any of those 3 possiblities is shocking and I can think of no other option.
    He keeps saying we need a new striker but if the ball never gets to a striker we could have Diego Costa and he would be a 5 goal a season man. If I were Ellis Short I certainly wouldn’t be providing money without a clear the air meeting and a demand to actually try and win games.
    Despite how poor other teams are, I think we are now even money to be relegated and if you can get better odds than that I would get some money on for compensation.

    • Dave

      Great summary. And this sort of incomprehensibility does not just apply to this game. His selections, tactics and substitutions are, frankly a joke.

  5. I’ve just seen a post-match press conference in which Poyet says he’s disappointed as some of the players haven’t got his ‘philosophy’ yet, nor can some do the ‘basics’. After a year?! So it’s the players fault? Yes, to large degree it is. However, when I look at the pitch and consistently see Johnson and Giaccherini in deeper positions than the full-backs, that’s Poyet. When Gomez is left on the pitch for 90 minutes, while Johnson and Giaccherini are substituted, that’s Poyet. When vergini starts ahead of Jones, that’s Poyet. When Danny graham does more in 15 than whickham in 75, that’s…whickham, definitely! Awful!
    3 shots, 1 on target against a team that is defensively suspect is dire. Why do we consistently pull wide men deep to stop opposition wing-backs? Push-on! Make them sit back to cover our wide men! At home, at least, be positive!

    • Apart from his purple patch at the back end of last season I have never seen that much in Wickham to convince me he is anything other than a Championship player or a Premiership sub. Buckley strikes me too as lacking that bit extra that makes a good Championship player into a decent Premiership one.

      I agree with you 100% Ifos – we need to be more attacking, and create more chances. West Brom and Palace and at home should have been a guaranteed 6 points but the way those teams will respond to new managers will make them no pushovers. Similarly Leicester and Burnley have turned a corner – there’s another six points no longer there for the taking. QPR haven’t got an away point all season. Let’s watch us sit back and allow them to chalk up a win. Villa can’t score so we might get a point but don’t put it past us to engineer an own goal or give away a penalty.

      We have to attack those teams and look to win like we did at Sid James. Gus if we’re going to go down let’s go down fighting and not lying back thinking of England, Argentina, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Romania or wherever.

  6. Graham was blatantly pulled back around the neck in their box in the last minute . From where we sat the crowd were screaming for a penalty which never came . Maybe it was a evening up for the Brown incident you mentioned which I couldn’t see . That aside , we’re not improving we’re getting worse . This is the same as the O’Neill regime when we were told that these draws would turn into wins and inevitably they went the other way . I believe this squad on paper should be doing better than we are , who’s responsibilitys that Gus? The crowd are turning , the performances are abysmal and with West Brom and Palace reacting positively to managers they wanted and who have control of the purse strings we are right back in the mess yet again . Gus the clock is ticking ,the problem is with Ellis Shorts insistance on this director of football model how could anything possibly change ? We’re one point above the bottom three and the teams below us are winning while we don’t , do something about it Gus before its too late !

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