Advochaat: Players ended up barefoot at West Ham!

Malcolm Dawson writes the new manager effect almost got us a result but not quite. I have a feeling the same score might have occurred had Gus still been in charge but the tactics and line up a lot different. That we couldn’t hold on or even snatch a win was a shame but it allows the manager’s ghost writer to adopt a similar tone to those of Gus, Paolo, Martin, Ricky and Roy when penning Dick’s first post match e-mail to M Salut and the rest of his mailing list. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Jake asks Dick's what?
Jake asks Dick’s what? Then comes up with Advochaat!

Dear Colin,

For me the players did very well today, I thought they worked their socks off.

We looked better and we’ve still got some players to come back into the squad.

Tactically I thought we did well, as we didn’t give many chances away to a team that are very difficult to play against.

We went close [to taking something from the game], but obviously not close enough. I do think it was a foul in the build up to their goal; we know these things happen all season but for us right now that was not a good moment.

Jermain [Defoe] had a great chance early in the game, if he had scored that it would have been completely different, West Ham would have had to come at us a lot more.

I thought Connor Wickham was excellent today, I thought he really put a shift in.

Some heads were down in the dressing room after the way the game ended but there are positives to take and we can take confidence from our performance.

The international break is very good timing, it gives me the chance to work more with the players.

The fans were great today; they want to see that we’re working hard and we will show that, I’ve heard great things about them.

Thanks for your support,

Dick Advocaat

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9 thoughts on “Advochaat: Players ended up barefoot at West Ham!”

  1. It was a pretty awful game in truth, and WHU were almost as bad as Sunderland. I have seldom seen so many players on the same pitch unable to make a five yard pass. [ so much for GP’s famous passing philosophy!

    However, in the main, I was heartened. At least players tried. They ran their hearts out, and there was at least a semblance of a system.

    I think we will be very lucky to survive in the PL. Quite frankly I have reached the conclusion that we are the worst side in it. We have absolutely no pace, and our midfield is a creative desert.

    I think we need to win three games. It is going to be difficult.

    • Form wise we’re as bad as we were before the miracle escape last season with a weaker squad . We’re in a healthier position than we were last year so if we do manage to stop up it will be more down to others failings than our success .’

  2. Rarely have I seen a set of comments on here which I wholeheartedly agree with, completely.

    No doubt I will get a thumbs down for saying that. I almost feel like giving myself a thumbs down 🙂

  3. Not going overboard myself . Wickham looked impressive but for actual shots on target we created very little . We deserved a point I thought for workrate alone which is a definite improvement on the recent Poyet non performances but how long will that last with this squad ? We’ve seen it time and time again and this year the quality in the squad is even worse . If the holding in the box had being punished West Ham would have bring out of sight , why do they do it ? Something that Advocaat needs to stamp out , hopefully if he can fire them up for the mags game we might get some momentum , I just think this is our turn for the drop ,we’ve dodged the bullet much too often and not taken advantage of our reprieves , in fact we’ve regressed ever year .

  4. Two pretty dire teams. Sunderland almost got a point & it can be argued that they didn’t deserve to lose. Both teams looked pretty devoid of ideas.
    This comes from a West Ham supporter.

  5. Thought we were unlucky to lose. Played a lot more positively, especially in their half. Wickham good, and the forwards seemed to gel better. Still need points on the board.

    • West Ham fan just popping in…
      I thought you played well today and more importantly were very positive going forward and playing 3 up top.

      I actually feel you were unlucky to lose, we were poor and very negative and to be frank it was a boring game to watch a 0-0 was probably all that this game deserved.

      I really hope you stay up and judging by todays performance Im sure you well be fine.
      I just hope you are not stupid enough to take Sam A off our hands, he will take you back years and your supporters will hate what he delivers.

      Good Luck.

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