Wrinkly Pete, a fan bound for Hull, on these troubled Sunderland times

Peter Lynn: 'perhaps we can now have a siege mentality'
Peter Lynn: ‘perhaps we can now have a siege mentality’

Peter Lynn is as wearied by events as Nic Wiseman, but heads for Hull full of measured hope, rational thoughts about the impact of events on SAFC and abundant pride in the Sunderland travelling army he’ll be part of at the KC stadium …

“We love you Sunderland, We do”

Just the thought of our fans singing that as an away defeat came to a close – Spurs a couple of seasons ago I think – brings a lump to my throat.

So where does that fit into our latest crisis, with Adam Johnson?

Well, for me, you could look at something like this and say that our season is finished and we are down, in which case you may as well not bother to go to another game and congratulate yourself on making a great decision if we are relegated.

On the other hand, you could say this opens the door for Buckley to step up and take Johnson’s place and save his Sunderland career. Personally, I would like to see Watmore given a chance.

One thing I see clearly is that any pressure on Poyet has disappeared instantly.

If we go down, the majority of fans would blame Johnson, even if this would in truth be quite wrong, given his contributions to date (and also the importance of remembering he is, as things stand, a wholly innocent man – Ed).

So Poyet should now feel invincible, a bit like Dyche at Burnley. This would allow him to be more relaxed and thus allow the players to be more relaxed too, just like you see with the Burnley players.

Finally, this latest “spanner in the works” could be used, along with the Brown red card fiasco, to build a “siege mentality” within the squad, like Mourinho is trying to create at Chelsea, only ours would at least have some semblance of truth in it!

Got to go now, off to Hull. I am hoping to see a spirited performance from the players produce a much needed win. What I can guarantee is I will be part of the superb support that Sunderland’s away fans always give. Keep the Faith.

Jake the rebel
Jake the rebel

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2 thoughts on “Wrinkly Pete, a fan bound for Hull, on these troubled Sunderland times”

  1. If we are looking for one man to spark a survival bid, then I certainly wouldn’t be looking to Johnson to provide that at all. I quite agree Drummer. His time with us has been hot and cold; mainly cold in truth.

  2. Whatever happens with Johnson doesn’t leave Poyet off the hook Pete . By no means are we a one man team and Poyet is responsible for getting the best out of all of them . We’ve being awfull with Johnson in the team remember, though he is one of our better players and will be a big miss for however length of time he is out . Both the team and Poyet have under performed this season and both are the cause and effect of the other .

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