Dick’s post Leicester Advochaat: thanks to the fans and it’s in our hands

Malcolm Dawson writes….well I didn’t squirm in my seat as much as I thought I might have done. It wasn’t perhaps the thriller that Dick would have us believe in his post match missive to M Salut and the rest of the faithful but at least we looked organised. The Leicester fans up in the gods were obviously happy with the way things went today and I thought ours were class in the way the applauded the Foxes’ players as they went to thank their supporters. Our boys came out later – a shame the Stadium announcer didn’t bother to tell everyone that they would be coming back out because by the time they reappeared the ground was even emptier than it was at half time in the Palace match. One more point in the bag and we are nearly there – condemned to another season of disappointment in the top flight. But we’re not totally safe yet as the manager points out.

Dick Advocaat, by Jake
Dick Advocaat, by Jake

Dear Colin,

I think it was an exciting game, especially with the crowd behind us the way they were. The players gave everything to get a better result, but at the end we have only come away with one point. If you would have said a week ago that we would take four points from two games we would have said ‘thank you’ and I still say that!

We knew what to expect from Leicester; they are very defensive and get behind the ball. They made it very difficult for us but I thought we did well to deal with them. We need one point out of our next two games and the teams beneath us would have to win as well. We still have our fate in our own hands.

The fans were brilliant, they got behind us once again, and they were fantastic.

Now we’ll go to Arsenal and Chelsea, knowing if we get a point from either we’ll be okay.

Thanks for your support,

Dick Advocaat

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Jake introduces the feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off

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  1. I think we are now relying on Hull or Newcastle to draw or lose. Even wearing my rosiest tinted glasses I can’t see any capital joy this week. If it is to be 2 defeats it is essential we keep the scores down so as to preserve our GD. Will it be heartache for one salad hating Geordie or 49000? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

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