Dick’s post Swansea Advochaat: passion on and off the pitch

Jake: 'better ... much better'
Jake: ‘better … much better’
Malcolm Dawson writes…..it’s usually a good sign when I can watch a game and not spend time thinking about what I’m going to have for my tea when I get home. Last week I could have planned the entire banquet for the Women’s Institute which is the current focus of BBC’s “Great British Menu.” Today I suffered no such distractions. Whether it was the “clear the air talks” that Dick promised to hold last Sunday, whether it was Lee Cattermole’s post match comments and the response to that, whether it was Ellis Short and Jermaine Defoe publicly stating their loyalty and ambitions for the club during the week, I’m not sure – but this was a different Sunderland team today. It was the sort of performance Sunderland fans respect. The effort was there. The commitment was there. The quality may still be a little lacking but we’ll put up with that if those who represent our club are seen to be giving their all. I was proud of the fans today too. Before the game kicked off they were vocal and supportive of all the players. Every tackle was cheered, every bit of closing down and every bit of skilful play likewise. Even when we went one-nil behind the response wasn’t boos and jeers but an exultation to the Lads to get stuck in and fight back. It was noticeable that there were more empty seats at the kick off than last week but those who were there at the start stayed till the end. We know that one point doesn’t make a season. We know there is more to do but it’s a start. Dick thinks so too and tells us so in his e-mail to M. Salut and a few others.

 Jake: At least it's a start.
Jake: At least it’s a start.

Dear Colin,

I think the team responded very well today. The way we trained was good; everybody showed commitment and I think the players did well.

It was a difficult game because Swansea are a good side with good individuals. With our spirit, we gave them a really hard time.

The supporters were great. Even with the score at 1-0 they stood behind us and that’s the reason the team kept going and fighting. It was great support.

We had some good moments today football-wise; it wasn’t only the passion.

Thanks for your support,

Dick Advocaat


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9 thoughts on “Dick’s post Swansea Advochaat: passion on and off the pitch”

  1. “Those who were there at the start stayed until the end”. Much more of this please, it must be soul destroying for the players to see fans streaming away after 75-80 minutes. Of course, the players need to make sure it’s worth staying for.

    • You won’t change that. The game perched at 1-1 and fans are leaving on 80 minutes. It happens all the time.

      They obviously go to the game out of habit and not for the experience of the game and the result itself.

      • There are of course those who for whatever reason leave after 80 minutes. Not something I could do whatever the score but I suppose there are some who will always want to beat the traffic, get a pint in, have some other reason, or as you say do it out of habit, but yesterday there wasn’t the obvious mass evacuation with half an hour still to go that we saw last week.

      • If you have been a supprter for 50 plus years as I have, I wonder how many goals you would have missed if leaving every game at 85 mins? No doubt someone will come up with an exact figure soon!

      • According to StatCat you would have missed 11 (yes 11!) last season alone, including Adam Johnson’s last minute winner at Newcastle. Amazing.

  2. Much improved performance with the effort that we expect from a Sunderland side. Keep that up every match and whatever happens ,we can’t have many complaints with those that are actually on the pitch .Just feels good to wake up Sunday morning and not be the laughing stock of the footballing world for once .

  3. You’re right Malcolm, the effort WAS there, the commitment WAS there, and today we saw a footballer playing for Sunderland, with proper footballing skills. I’m of course (ahem) focussing on Lens. He can beat a man, he can run at the defence, my God he can even control the ball with his feet, fundamental for a footballer you’d think but we’ve been sadly lacking a player who can do this since Sess departed. Did you see what he did just before he scored that disallowed goal? He brought a high, awkward pass down with one touch and knocked it perfectly into his path, he’s a footballer I tell ya!! More of these Mr Congerton please!

    • I think it’s going to be a long season for us. I hope & pray we stay up. And I love your comments, they are always relevant.

      Hopefully, with this being Rodwell’s second season he will have settled, (he was better today) and in time we will have a decent midfield. O’Shea seems to have settled the defence a little. But we still need 2 or 3 quality players, and considering our start to the season that is not about to happen.

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