Rob’s one word Swansea summaries get straight to the point.

Jake: 'better ... much better'
Jake: ‘better … much better’
Malcolm Dawson writes…it has just started to teem it down here in West Durham which may upset Pete Sixsmith’s plans to go to the cricket at Chester le Street tomorrow. His seven word summary reflects a more positive performance today as do Rob Hutchison‘s one word ratings. The crowd was superb today and backed the team throughout, even when we went one down at the worst possible time – after the first 45 minutes was up but before the half time whistle went. PVA’s first touch was assured and won him a huge cheer. He responded later by encouraging those in the South Stand to make even more noise. Make no mistake we are not out of the woods yet but this was so much better than last week. There’ll be a fuller version of today’s performance in tomorrow’s Soapbox but for now let’s see how Rob rates the boys.

Rob: one word will suffice.
Rob: one word will suffice.
Pantillimon – 7 saviour
Jones – 6 grafted
JoS – 6 organiser
Coates – 5 improved
PVA – 5 varied
M’Vila – 7 tidy
Catts – 6 tenacious
Lens – 8 class
Rodwell – 6 grinder
Defoe – 6 clinical
Graham – 6 studious

Fletcher – 6 sharper
Watmore – 6 brief
Larsson – 5 – briefer

Dick – 8 tactician

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6 thoughts on “Rob’s one word Swansea summaries get straight to the point.”

  1. Larsson- not brief enough.

    Why DA brought him on for the last free kick beggars belief. To my memory he hasn’t failed to hit the first defender since the Spurs game last season.

    • Free kick conversions:

      Sebastian Larsson : Shots 90, Goals 11, Conversion 12.2%.

      Cristiano Ronaldo : Shots 164, Goals 10, Conversion 6.1%.

      Steven Gerrard : Shots 102, Goals 6, Conversion 5.9%.

      Frank Lampard : Shots 175, Goals 7, Conversion 4.0%.

      Only Juan Mata has a better record than Seb but I tend to agree with you Terry. It’s hardly great odds which is why defenders are generally happy to commit fouls just outside the box.

      But if he had scored we’d all be applauding Dick Advocaat’s genius substitution.

      • Malcolm
        Do you have figures for Larsson after his first season with us? From my memory, he has scored 1 in the last 2 and a bit seasons and is, sadly, living off past results with respect to free kicks

      • I suspect you are right Dave. Not a great lover of stats in assessing a player’s worth but him, AJ and Gomez are probably the best free kick takers in the club so I can understand Big Dick’s thinking.

  2. PVA’s first touch was assured? It was a shame he followed Ayew into the centre circle, like a sheep, enabling the Swansea winger to exploit the space and create their goal! He remains the weakest link despite having O’Shea shouting at him to hold his position throughout the game.

    • I meant the first time he touched the ball in the game not his first touch in the generic sense. He controlled it well and got a cheer when he brought it down and passed to someone in a red and white shirt. Yes he was caught out of position when they scored but we had been on the attack. I actually thought Defoe had been fouled just before they scored – will wait for MOTD to see if my eyes deceived me. Also did I really see Billy Jones use his left foot to cross a ball?

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