Accrington Stanley vs SAFC Guess the Score: the club that wouldn’t die

‘Believe in me’

Pete Sixsmith, having begun his annual Santa duties, has a special gift to offer: that unwon copy of Managers, the third column of Sunderland books from Tales From the Red and Whites. Read on …

Our headline reflects the proud declaration that sits atop the home page of Accrington Stanley FC’s official website.

And many readers will be familiar with the “who are they?” mantra, as exemplified by this exchange from an old milk advertisement quoted at Wikipedia:

Boy 1 (wearing Liverpool top): “Milk! Urghh!”
Boy 2:(also wearing Liverpool top) “It’s what Ian Rush drinks.”
Boy 1: “Ian Rush?”
Boy 2: “Yeah. And he said if I didn’t drink lots of milk, when I grow up, I’ll only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley.”
Boy 1: “Accrington Stanley, who are they?”
Boy 2: “Exactly.”

The gag may linger in some minds, but the worst – a four-year gap after the club collapsed in the 1960s – is behind Stanley now as last season’s promotion to League One demonstrated.

The tiny Crown Ground, capacity all of 5,057, is the setting for Saturday’s match, one SAFC must really be keen to win to consolidate our position in the top two.

Have a go at guessing the score. No one was right with 1-1 in the FA Cup tie at Walsall so a copy of the book, the second to be offered in this competition thanks to the publishers’ generosity, will go the reader who is first with the correct scoreline. Stanley fans may enter, too, but the prize remains the same.

Click the image to order your copy in case you don’t win Guess the Score or have a Christmas gift in mind

Ha’way the Lads.

15 thoughts on “Accrington Stanley vs SAFC Guess the Score: the club that wouldn’t die”

  1. The eternal optimist saysh ho ho ho tis the season to be jolly
    They have had some reasonable results of late but midweek rest for lots of our lads and a spring in their step I will go nap again with a 5 nowt to the lads a couple of more wins on top and then down to my neck of the woods to take the Pompey apart and top for Xmas the eternal optimist exile mackem

  2. Not a goal fest that many will hope for – 2 away goals, a clean sheet but more importantly 3pts but any win will do

  3. 5-1 tonight. Ozturk, Diamond, Sinclair, Mumba, Oviedo. Watmore hits the post.

    6-0 on Saturday. Maguire, Maja, Power 2, Matthews, Baldwin.

    Now for some more of those funny tasting brownies.

  4. Phew! Just in time. We are not as secure at the back as we were so will concede three – but score four. 4-3 to The Lads

  5. 2-0 away win.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings, Colin. My luck has dried up as far as guessing the score is concerned, still getting used to the Lads’ winning ways.

  6. Is Bumble (SKY’s cricket commentator David Lloyd) back from Sri Lanka? Could the Accy Stanley nut be leading a chorus of Sweet Caroline as the mighty Sunderland are put to the sword? NO! Fower nowt.

  7. Accrington Stanley 1 – 4 Sunderland, good to see them back but that’s as far as the charity and Christmas spirit goes!!!!! Ho, Ho, Ho, humbug!!!

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