Bristol Rovers vs Sunderland prize Guess the Score: Wembley or heartbreak

There IS a prize but we don’t yet know what it is

We are long past the stage of pretending not really to care. Of course we want to beat Bristol Rovers and set up another Wembley date.

The Checkatrade Trophy may not have the allure of the FA Cup. But the prospect of a massive crowd, given the presence in the final of another side with passionate support, Portsmouth, means us as their opponents would ensure a truly big match occasion.

Most of us would probably take automatic promotion before a Checkatrade final victory, let alone a win in the semis.

But what if we could do both?

Have your say. Monsieur Salut will come up with a special-ish prize though this will be awarded only to a winner predicting a Sunderland triumph. Otherwise, usual rules apply – be first to be right, have a UK delivery address and whoever you support, you win something.

Ha’way the Lads.

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10 thoughts on “Bristol Rovers vs Sunderland prize Guess the Score: Wembley or heartbreak”

  1. I had already bagged 4-3 to the Lads for both Bristol rovers games but will submit again just to be sure. It just has to be!

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