Burnley vs Sunderland: a useful test against Premier League opposition

Sunderland’s record against Burnley was at best patchy even when we were also in the Premier League. Now two divisions separate us and we travel to Turf Moor for a Carabao Cup tie.

There are different ways of looking at the game. Chris Maguire’s fine hat-trick in the 3-1 win against AFC Wimbledon will have done team confidence a power of good as did the notching up of four wins in a row. A fifth would be welcome, especially in this test against a much smaller club that has a rather bigger team just now.

But losing – narrowly by preference if it has to happen – would not be the end of the world in a season where promotion is the priority over all other matters.

Tell us how it will go.

You know what is coming next: we cannot afford a prize for whoever is first to predict the correct outcome. Another Guess the Score just for fun in other words.

The game goes straight to penalties if the scores are level at 90 minutes so by all means have some fun with the way a shoot-out might go.

Ha’ way the Lads – whole remembering that uplifting as it would be to win through to the next round, next Saturday’s League One visit to Peterborough United is the more important match.

8 thoughts on “Burnley vs Sunderland: a useful test against Premier League opposition”

  1. We are out by 90 mins, a good runaround for players coming back from injury and the young lads, good luck to Burnley, no distractions for the main seasons event……PROMOTION

  2. 0 3.
    I was right about the hat trick last time,it was just everything else let me down.

    Grigg, Benjy, Mcgeough this time

  3. Buoyed by our current form I won’t be too disappointed to lose this distraction from our main goal by a single goal in a penalty shoot-out.

    Score draw at full time. Lose 6-5 on pens. Maybe.

  4. I’ll get in early for the non-mug. Baldwin, Burge, Flanagan, Embleton, McLaughlin C, Dobson Grigg will all start. We’ll do OK against a Burnley team with a few fringe players. Grigg will score. We’ll lose 1-3.

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