Burnley vs Sunderland: how important to them is winning on Wednesday?

Burnley fans who recall straying here in the past may also remember we would preview each game between our clubs with comprehensive question-and-answer interviews with one of their fellow supporters.

That has changed, not because we are now two divisions lower than the last time we met but because we have introduced a simplified version of Who are You? this season.

Instead off hunting down Alastair Campbell, as we did once at this link, or another Burnley fan and firing off questions at him (or her), we now – as with all other games – post a shorter list of questions here and invite responses in the Comments below.

Answer as many or as few as you wish. Sometimes the new way (and indeed WAY) works, mostly – it’s early in the season but on the evidence so far – it doesn’t but we’d welcome responses from as many Burnley fans as possible …

Salut! Sunderland: 1) what memories do you have of playing Sunderland and were you surprised by our sharp decline?

* 2) you ended last season six points clear of the drop. Decent start this season but what are your minimum and maximum expectations?

3) how weakened a side will Sean Dyche field on Wednesday night and does the Carabao Cup actually matter much to you?

4) do you think our old boy Phil Bardsley will feature – and how has he done for you?

5) looking around the rest of your squad, names like Danny Drinkwater, Robbie Brady and Kevin Long stand out. Plus Ashley Barnes can still bang them in. Which of your players do you especially rate?

6) what have been the best and worst moments of your time supporting Burnley?

7) and what other thoughts do you have on Sunderland – the club, the fans, the city and region?

8) hand on heart, where will our two clubs finish isn their respective divisions this season?

9) will you be at the game and how will it go?

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  1. Ipswich apart – thanks Tractor Boys – the idea of making Who are You? open to all fans of opposing teams has, er , not been a resounding success. If any reader craves the task of tracking down and interviewing fans, let us know. Otherwise the series will simply die.

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