Point made, points untaken

The text messages from Pete Sixsmith had me worried before the game started. He just seemed too cocky for a lifelong Sunderland supporter.

“Sat in great pub in Lichfield,” ran the first. “Ha’way the Lads.”

Then, just before kick-off at St Andrew’s, it was: “Fabulous following.”

The realism – in other words pessimism – you acquire as a red and white then made me seriously afraid that the next two texts would be 0-1, 0-2.

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On our way, we’re on our way……..

What better way to break into the top six at last? The word from the Stadium of Light, whether it came from live commentary – what a boon for the exiled fan – and Sixer’s Sevens or match reports was as encouraging as it could be.

Here – yes, have another look – was a slick home performance when four goals somehow seemed a poor reward for the quality of play. The trick now, or course is not to get carried away………

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Stoking those home fires…..

Looking back at the earlier posting Burst Bubble?, maybe a slightly harsh headline after one poorish result at home, I decided to add an answer to my own question.

What, I originally asked, would it take to get the home fires burning again? The attendance of under 27,000 for that midweek visit of Palace had disappointed me enough to raise negative thoughts

In my after-thought, added today, I mention that a stonking away win would do no harm. And that, following a respectable 2-0 dismissal of Coventry a few days after the Palace draw, is what we got.

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From the ashes

…..and for anyone who likes news of our old boys, Lilian Laslandes scored two goals for Nice in a 3-0 win over Troyes, giving his club hope of avoiding relegation from the French top flight.

The Journal du Dimanche said he was like a Phoenix rising from his own ashes, grabbing the 122nd and 123rd goals of his career.

What a shame not many of those came while he was wearing red and white stripes and, to be fair, playing with teammates who kept hoofing high balls to him thinking he was the same size as Niall Quinn.

Irish grass: greener than the SoL’s?

Ian Todd, commenting on an earlier post, raises the interesting – and alarming – prospect that the Republic of Ireland might be looking enviously at our manager after the dismal showing against San Marino.

There was, I hope, a tongue-in-cheek element to Ian’s remark. Roy Keane wouldn’t dream of abandoning us now, would he?

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Horrible history of author’s Mackem passion

Are you sitting comfortably?Terry3
Then I will begin the story of TERRY DEARY, star writer of children’s books that sell – and disappear from library shelves – faster than Enid Blyton. Guess who he supports. Even when things are grim – as they quickly became after this interview at the start of the 2002-2003 season.
But read also what he thinks of the Keano revolution

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A thousand up

No cause to brag, but as I was adding Kate Adie to the Celebrity Supporters Revisited file, the little counter showing how many people have passed through my turnstiles clocked up its first 1,000.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, I can retrace some of the steps taken by people who have reached these shores. So far, they have come from the North East, elsewhere in the UK, Ireland, France, America, Canada, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

A few came from my French blog Salut! as a result of a slight misrouting problem when A Love Supreme set up a link from its site to here. Sorry for the roundabout journey – at least it gave me an excuse to post another SAFC picture there.

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Streaking at St James’ Park? All in the mind

A fisftful of awards bears witness to the achievements of KATE ADIE, forever associated with trademark war zone accessories of pearl earrings and flak jacket. When we last met back in 2002, she had been BBC TV’s chief news correspondent since 1989. More importantly, she was – and is – a Sunderland supporter.

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