Hutch’s Patch: One word player ratings from West Ham

We’ve just passed the equinox and Rob Hutchison sees signs of new life as spring officially arrives. We weren’t totally eclipsed today but although some see it as good news week, there is still a big cloud blackening the skies. Rob gives his one word verdict on today’s performance.

Jake: Rob's a man of few words
Jake: Rob’s a man of few words
Much improved, but you don’t get points for improving. Play like that and we’ll beat the Mags. Might not be enough though.
Jake: 'better but not better enough'
Jake: ‘better but not better enough’

Pants 6 unfortunate
Pva 6 dangerous
O’Shea 6 leader
Brown 4 knacked
Reva 5 outlet
Rodwell 6 strong
Larsson 5 busy
Gomez 5 adequate
Fletcher 6 worked
Wickham 7 tireless
Defoe 6

Johnson 6 lively
Santiago 6 standard
DG 4 brief

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5 thoughts on “Hutch’s Patch: One word player ratings from West Ham”

  1. There was a foul on Larsson but come on guys , how many times were West Ham players held in the box , eveytime there was a set piece . If the reff had done he’s job properly we’d have been stuffed ! Better performance than the last few weeks, but not good enough to beat the mags or anyone else in my view unless we get some shots on target. Two weeks for Advoocat to find their shooting boots or we’re down . Overall score 5/10 .

  2. Thought it a better effort but still cannot score.It’s going to be a very tight finish at this rate,goal difference could well be vital,but after last season’s finish I’m not going to be negative ever again.

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