Chelsea Who are you (1): Very high highs and not so low lows

Jake: 'no cross words from Neil
Jake: no cross words from Neil

John McCormick writes: This being an important weekend, we’ve decided to double up on the “who are you” contribution. First up is my guest, Neil Tabor, like Colin and myself, exiled but keeping his faith for decades. Not that it has been difficult for him these past few years.

I didn’t ask Neil to predict the final places until after last weekend. I nearly didn’t ask him at all…

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Soapbox: forget moaning Fergie, smug Lampard. Just pity Plymouth

Right: a busy run-up to Arsenal at Saturday lies in prospect with at least two Who are You? features lined up. A good time, then, to let Pete Sixsmith get a few things off his chest about the state of modern football …

It’s a bright and breezy Wednesday and I have spent the day with ten 16-year-olds while suffering from a cold that has made me feel that my head is in a vice.

The papers and the internet are full of the usual Ferguson complaints about referees and there are pics of the incredibly smug Frank Lampard banging in the winning penalty at Stamford Bridge last night.

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