Sixer’s Walsall Sevens: Third time unlucky? Maybe not.

Ho ho howay the lads

Pete Sixsmith may be busy on the Saturdays before Christmas but on the weekdays he leaves the work to his helpers and heads off to find a game. Luckily for him there are a few coming up. This one, though it might give Pete a break, is one the rest of us didn’t really want. Was it worth his time? Come back tomorrow for a full report; and while you’re waiting you might ponder on his post-whistle seven word text:

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Walsall Who are You: Sunderland ‘pretty useful going forward, less convincing off the ball’

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Monsieur Salut writes: this is a Who are You? with a difference ahead of tonight’s FA Cup 2nd round replay at home to Walsall.

Richard Hall’s Q+A for the first two games – both drawn – between our clubs this season, league and cup, were mightily impressive. Our own star writer Pete Sixsmith thought they were good enough for us to bring forward the annual HAWAY awards (Highly Articulate Who are You?s) since no one else was likely to emulate the standard he set.

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The Chapman Report from Walsall: “That second goal never looked like coming”

Malcolm Dawson writes……..I experienced a touch of deja vu on the trip to the Bescot Stadium yesterday. I drove into Walsall the same way, parked in the same street and saw the same discarded cardboard boxes and other assorted bits of rubbish on the short walk to the ground that I had seen last weekend. There was nowhere near as many people though, with the total attendance more or less the same as the number of Sunderland fans who had filled two sides of the stadium for the league game. Such is the magic of the F.A. Cup these days!

Pete Sixsmith was one who couldn’t be there, but he has an excuse as it’s that time of year when he’s otherwise engaged bringing joy to the children of Weardale and Tyneside, whilst reminding them just why it is that Santa wears red and white and he¬†was ho ho hoing with extra merriment as the news from the Sports Direct filtered his way. Not so much with the updates from the West Midlands and he feels for the Lads who now have another fixture to fulfil, but at least it means he’ll get to the replay.

In his absence and knowing he couldn’t make it, Sixer arranged for Bob Chapman‘s welcome return to the pages of Salut! Sunderland with his view of yesterday’s draw. Over to you Bob.

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Walsall Who are You?: (2) FA Cup memories of Stokoe, Shankly and Alan Buckley

Richard Hall, or rather a kindred spirit fond of Old World wine, perhaps listening to¬†Shostakovich’s fifth at the same time

Monsieur Salut writes: by common consent, Richard Hall‘s* interview as a Walsall fan ahead of last week’s league game was as good as these things get. We knew, of course, that an FA Cup tie would follow a week later and, since organising Who are You? features can be time-consuming and frustrating, we cheekily asked Richard to handle questions relating to this Saturday’s game, too.

In fact we may get him to do all the Who are You?s remaining this season, no matter the club. Those who said they were looking forward to this second instalment will not be disappointed …

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Walsall vs SAFC again: another prize Guess the Score (after the Barnsley ‘cracker’)

Only one person can win Guess the Score. If it’s not you, click the image to buy one

Another Saturday, another trip to Walsall. After last week’s eventful 2-2 draw in League One, the Lads return to the Bescot for the FA Cup 2nd round.

The Barnsley midweek game produced a Guess the Score winner, the first for a few games. Malcolm Ray, no stranger to prizes from Salut! Sunderland, will soon be the owner of a copy of Managers, Volume III of the Tales From the Red and Whites series, kindly donated by the publishers.

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Power to Jack Ross; his faith in Max is rewarded

Max Power courtesy of

This absolutely must be posted. Salut! Sunderland’s gut reaction to Max Power’s sending off at Walsall was along the lines of “what an idiot”. Well some of those connected with the site – and many more beyond it – thought so, anyway.

But now the red card has been shown to have been a miscarriage of justice and has been rescinded. The appeal many said would be a waste of time succeeded. Jack Ross’s defence of the player is vindicated. Power is 100 per cent cleared. Another black stain on the reputation of League One referees.

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Sixer’s Walsall Soapbox: The Young Master’s message to Craig Hicks

The man himself

John McCormick writes: there’s no formal division of labour at Salut HQ. It usually works out that M Salut himself does the “Who are you?” and “Guess the score” pieces, along with sundry items that come his way, I do the “First time ever I saw your ground/team” series and also “Sixer’s Sevens” if Malcolm’s at the match, and Malcolm does match reports on Sunday morning, especially if he was there and can provide his well-informed introductions. Other writers chip in from time to time, Jake embellishes all of our efforts and Pete Sixsmith, of course, provides an axle round which our efforts can spin. However, like our players, we can and do swap roles.

And, like the team on the pitch, we don’t all have to be there for it to work.

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