Keir’s Player Ratings after Stoke setback: super Jozy, calamity Costel


Apologies to Keir Bradwell, who was very prompt in submitting his man-by-man assessment of Sunderland’s performance against Stoke, who dumped us unceremoniously out of the league cup as if last seasons Wembley run never happened. Gremlins got at the site last night and again this morning. They seem now to have retreated, but only a little (image uploading and other functions are still affected). Keir will have some heads scratching at his mark for Jozy but, since the big man scored what one paper called a 20-a-season striker’s goal, we may but guess at how tongue-in-cheek – if at all – his mark out of 10 is …

Sunderland 1 – 2 Stoke (Capital One Cup): Player Ratings

Pantilimon – 2
Very poor keeping for both of their goals. Not at Mannone’s level at all. Could’ve kept a clean sheet with him between the sticks instead.

Vergini – 6

Moved to centre-back following Coates’ substitution and did very well there soon after. Came close with a bullet of a shot on the 70th minute, which just flew over.

O’Shea – 6

Made a few decent challenges and seemed to cope well with Stoke’s attack for the most part.

Coates – 4

Not an atrocious performance, but was at fault for several of Stoke’s chances in the first half, and was being subbed off for van Aanholt at half time.

Jones – 8
Impressed me more and more, the longer the game went on. His runs into the box were genuinely brilliant. Think his second half improvement may’ve been due to him moving back to his right-hand side. Would start him over Vergini at right-back against Swansea.

Gomez – 6
Good in possession, although didn’t have much by the way of attacking threat. Kept us ticking over though and provided a bit of stability in a team that was otherwise just running up and down the pitch constantly.

Bridcutt – 4
Had a fairly poor first half, and seemed to disappear in the second. Not fantastic.

Rodwell – 7
Easily the most influential of all our players (Jozy aside) on the pitch in the first half, although was eclipsed by both of our wingers in the second. Was subbed off for Alvarez with fifteen minutes to go.

Buckley – 7

So fast, a great option to have in our squad. Was extremely unlucky not to score on the hour mark. Improved as the game went on and overall was very impressive, aside from a chance about eight minutes later which he really, really should’ve tucked away.

Altidore – 10

Johnson – 7
Hit a wonderful free kick in the first half, which could well have gone in on another day. Other than that, did well to drift inside and create a lot of chances through the middle.


van Aanholt – 6
Constantly down Stoke’s end providing a bit of width, especially with Johnson’s tendency to drift into the middle. Didn’t get hugely involved but a decent performance nonetheless.

Alvarez – 6

Made a few great runs and showed a lot of skill in the final third. Wasn’t hugely influential otherwise. Promising, though.

Graham – 5

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8 thoughts on “Keir’s Player Ratings after Stoke setback: super Jozy, calamity Costel”

  1. I think you lads are being a tad hard on Keir here.

    The 10 includes the nine games last season where Keir awarded him a “1” plus the “1” he deserved from the other night.

    Now I’m no mathematical genius lads but ten “1”s makes a 10.

  2. The thing always to remember this that it would be rare for two fans or two professional pundits to come up with identical marks. Keir offers his view, and it is necessarily that of a younger supporter, and everyone else is entitled to agree or disagree.

  3. I’ll be off t’pub in Pernera at 5 on Saturday. There will be about 7 or 8 like minded souls proudly wearing their shirts and hoping, like me, that we can give everyone at least a 7. However, I fear that the longer the season goes on Kier’s low marks will reflect our performances. Did the players leave their end of season fighting spirit on the beaches of Dubai and Florida? It needs to be sorted, and soon.

  4. How on earth can anyone give Bridcutt more than Johnson on yesterday’s performance? Johnson wasn’t great but nearly scored. Bridcutt made one good tackle but killed every attack he was involved in. He really needs to invest in some contact lenses that allow him to see more than 5 yards.

    • Don’t you know that Bridcutt is auditioning for a part with the Ballet Rambert? That’s why everytime he gets the ball he pirouettes.

      Johnson was anonymous for much of the game and at least Bridcutt saw more of the ball, but on reflection I think you are right. I’ll amend my scores. Bridcutt 5 – Johnson 5.25!

  5. Got to be honest, I’m far closer to Malcolm on scores. My biggest concern on the goals wasn’t the keeper, it was the appalling statuesque defending: no midfield tracking of runs, no defenders reacting to a situation and far too much dallying on the ball in dangerous areas. I do enjoy aspects of Poyet’s possession ideology, but every so often we need to just get rid of it!
    Altidore a 10?! I’m still in a slight state of shock at the temerity of it.
    And can someone tell Alvarez that if he stands still with the ball he will be tackled! He seemed to be taken by surprise each and every time.
    It was also good to see an assault be dealt with through a yellow card and a ticking off. I wonder if Cattermole would have been given the same leniency?

  6. I always feel Keir’s markings reflect his youth. Every game someone has a good moment and gets a huge score, irrespective of the rest of the game and someone makes an error and gets virtually nothing.

    No-one was happier than me that Altidore scored but come on! The rest of the evening he was the same old Jozy.

    Pantillimon was beaten twice on the near post. Not good but not a two. For what it’s worth, from my seat on the half way line:

    Pantillimon 4: Vergini 6 Coates 6 O’Shea 7 Jones 6: Bridcutt 5, Rodwell 6, Gomez 6, Johnson 4, Buckley 6, Altidore 5.

    Subs: van Aanholt 6, Alvarez 5, Graham not on the pitch long enough but he ran about a bit.

    Disappointing night all round even though there was a clear foul on Johnson when he lost the ball for their second goal and a draw after 90 minutes would have been a fair result.

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