Pure Poyetry: Defending the defensive but defending too much against Man Utd

Jake: 'i didn't expect much - and got nothing'
Jake: ‘i didn’t expect much – and got nothing’
Malcolm Dawson writes….Sixer and I saw SAFC concede twice today and have a man sent off but they not only maintained but in fact strengthened their title challenge. No I haven’t gone mad – we were at Dean Street where Shildon scored two cracking goals after twice going behind against Northern League leaders West Auckland. With games in hand Shildon now have control of the Championship’s destination. I was kept up to date with the goings on at Old Trafford thanks to the modern day wonder that is the i-phone – events relayed to me by a couple of lads sitting behind. So I can’t say much about the game. Gary Bennett’s comments on Radio Newcastle indicated a decent first half performance but a worrying observation that Jermain Defoe seems to have lost the spark he brought with him to the club. He’s only been there five minutes. Another refereeing howler provided the post match talking points. The other teams around us lost so things could have been worse and in his post match e-mail Gus remains positive but then that’s part of his job.

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox
Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Dear Colin,

It was a very decent start from us, everything was going to plan and we did well, creating a number of chances through Connor [Wickham] and Jermain [Defoe] and we held United.

After that we dropped off a little too much; we defended too much and stopped creating chances and trying to pass and control the ball. There were too many actions to defend and when that is the case you concede a goal, and of course for us the penalty was the turning point of the game. We needed to readjust after going down to ten men and change how we could play.

[On the red card and penalty] When I saw Falcao get past the defenders and hit the ball wide I was delighted, but then I saw the referee give a penalty and then everyone was gathered around and talking, on the bench we weren’t sure who had made the foul. After that we needed to stay in the game, but we couldn’t cope after losing a player and United took their chance.

For long spells we defended really well today and we need to take that into the next two games and build on it. Now is our time to do that.

Thanks for your support,

Gus Poyet

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Jake flags the new feature allowing you to have your say on topic or off
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4 thoughts on “Pure Poyetry: Defending the defensive but defending too much against Man Utd”

  1. Dead right Ian. Same old story…………………

    Four games. Four defeats. Four games without a goal. Anyone seeing the positives must now remove their rose tinted glasses. Danny Graham; over two years at the club and not a goal to show. He shouldn’t even get a place in the car park.

    We rarely muster a threat on goal, and the summary at the top of this article is bang on the money about Defoe. Anonymous. Whitworth’s disease strikes again.

    This is solid relegation form. Four wins all season and the manager is still in a job. The only good thing about it is that at least he is no longer picking Buckley. I would even prefer the lamentable Bridcutt for Gomez. He would make Tommy Miller look dynamic.

    Dire, dreadful rubissh from our dire dreadful team.

    • I have to agree. IMO the writing has been on the wall all season.

      GP has clearly learnt nothing from last season. We have not improved. In fact we have got worse.

      He has failed to improve the squad [ notwithstanding the DOF, Poyet must have SOME say on recruitment ]

      His tactics are rubbish. Anyone can talk about football philosophy. The trick is coaching players to play to a system which suits their collective ability, and to occasionally win games. He can’t do that.

      He should have gone following the Southampton fiasco.

  2. Same old same old,,we were decent in first half,blahh blahhh blahhhh.We were never going to win,man utd are not a special; side anymore,,,top 6 yes,but they are beatable,,,,we dont have the players to play like poyet wants to play,,,,we’ll be really lucky to stay up,got to WIN the next 2 games to have any chance…….Fed up with all this crap!

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