Sixer’s Sevens from Sheffield United: tremendous display sees off more Premier League opposition

Stop Press: and it’s another away game in the next round: hardly a glamour tie but at Oxford United, once again testing our (present) owners’ loyalties

Monsieur Salut writes: bravo Max Power, bravo the Lads.

It’s one of the traditions of Salut! Sunderland that Pete Sixsmith supplies a seven-word instant verdict – hence Sixer’s Sevens – after each SAFC game. If he doesn’t attend the match himself, someone else steps in. Tonight, he was indeed present (I have happy memories of meeting up with Pete before Bramall Lane on Boxing Day 2017; it was happy until 3pm since the Blades hammered us 3-0 and we were probably lucky to get nil).

Tonight started better and stayed better. Having barely seen the ball, we went ahead early with a wonder strike from Max Power (‘a beauty’, said Pete’s text message) after nine minutes. At half time, he was applauding an ‘inspired’ first 45 minutes. The Lads saw out the game in reasonable comfort and might have scored again; the super-critical Gary Bennett spoke of how well Sunderland had for once managed a lead.

And see how Sixer summed up the game with two versions of his seven allotted words (to be followed by his customary full analysis tomorrow) …

Jake: ‘Gan canny lads, at this rate we might end up at Wembley again’

24 September Carabao Cup: Sheffield United (0) 0 Sunderland (1) 1 Everything we want from our Sunderland team or A very impressive performance; clean sheet too

21 September Bolton Wanderers 1 (1) Sunderland 1 (1) Apathetic performance which exposes our weaknesses.

17 September Sunderland 1 (1) Rotherham United 1 (0) Decent half hour, very poor sixty minutes

14 September Accrington Stanley 1 (1) Sunderland 3 (3) Scrappy and stuttering, result better than performance

31 August Peterborough United 3 (1) Sunderland 0 (0) Not a single positive from this shocker*

28 August Carabao Cup: Burnley 1 (1). Sunderland 3 (1) I just love a midweek in Lancashire/ Loads of effort and plenty of quality.

24 August Sunderland 3 (1) AFC Wimbledon 1 (1) Comfortable win which should enthuse American visitors

20 August Rochdale 1 (1) Sunderland 2 (1) Ecky Thump, that were a tight un

17 August Sunderland 2 (2) Portsmouth 1 (1) Up and running. Committed rather than classy

13 August Carabao Cup: Accrington Stanley (0) 1 Sunderland (1) 3 Had to work hard with McGeady outstanding
or this second 7 which came in as the draw for round two sends us back over the Pennines: Could just as easily have said McNulty

10 August Ipswich Town 1 (1) Sunderland 1 (0) *Decent recovery from absolutely shocking first half

3 August Sunderland 1 (0) Oxford United 1 (1) Looks like a repeat of last season

2 thoughts on “Sixer’s Sevens from Sheffield United: tremendous display sees off more Premier League opposition”

  1. How about Gary “shall we say” Bennett saying “shall we say” at least every three “shall we say” minutes? Actually, I “shall we say” quite “shall we say” like it.

  2. Delighted.

    The new lads sounded impressive.

    Pet peeve mark 2 – I’m getting fed up of Barnes saying ” digs it out,” or ” digging it out,” or “tries to dig it out.”

    We are not living in a dig for victory world, albeit I admired the late Peter Skellern.

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